The lost year

2 years ago, I left a prestigious residency program and ran off to London. I felt hurt, confused and very lost and had hoped to find myself. Within months, I found myself searching for redemption. I wanted to complete residency. And I did. But at what price? As a foreign citizen, I had 2 choices. A J1 visa which has a residency requirement aka I have to return home for at least 2 years or a H1 which allows me to stay, if I desired it provided I found an employer and another visa. I picked the program that offered the $1 route because I could continue where I left off and also because it was a smaller program and I really did not think I would do very well in a large program anymore. What I did not anticipate was having the feeling of being as helpless as I was before I resumed my training. Nor did I anticipate hurting someone during this brief period of time. But I have hurt him, and for that I am sorry. But I have to move on. I just wish I know what my next step should be.


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