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Umegaoka sushi no midori


On a wet rainy Thursday in Tokyo, we decided, with an umbrella between the two of us, that sushi was a must. A few clicks on Google suggested that Umegaoka Sushi NoMidori was the place to go. That and it was only a block away from the coffee house where we were taking refuge.

When we got there, it appears we were not the only ones with the same idea. There was a line but no dry waiting place. To get a table you have to use this automated machine outside the restaurant. Which was cool because you could get a number with English instructions but the waiting screen letting you know who they are calling was in Japanese. And there were three boxes with three different numbers so it was a bit difficult to figure out which number referred to what.

Minor gripe aside, we didn’t actually wait that long. We were seated rather quickly and ordered promptly from their menu which had pictures. The Beau really really wanted mackerel so he ordered the whole row of it. The waitress tried to talk us out of it by pointing to the mackerel piece but the Beau insisted. We ate a lot of mackerel that day. Also, the sushi here is huge. I’ve gotten so used to small little sushi pieces that it was a bit surprising to see such huge sushi. I had to unbutton my trousers by the time we were done. I ordered a set that included eel. Mine had more variety. But I definitely was not able to finish it all up.

From what I can tell, its a pretty popular spot with the tourists and locals alike. No big surprise since its so close to the Ginza strip. They don’t accept credit cards. Only cash or debit. The photos are a nice touch especially for those of us who only know how to say “Ohio!”. We pretty much survived the entire vacation by pointing at pictures of food. Sometimes we got lucky. And sometimes we did not. I would say we were about even in this case.

Anyway, it was a fun meal. I got to take lots of pictures and at least be able to say that we actually found a restaurant that has been recommended on all the blogs I’ve been reading up on prior to the trip. Which basically means I can say some of the homework I had done prior to this trip was worth it. And it sort of made up for the fact that our trip to Disney Sea was cancelled due to rain. And that the Alice in Wonderland cafe was also closed for lunch.