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Apparently I’m a Facebook addict. I post too much. My problem, the way I see it, is that I’m using FaceBook as my all-round computer storage system. I post bookmarks of things I want to read later. I catch up on friends, organizations, the news via Facebook. I also use it to store all the random pictures of food I eat. As a result, my feed is well a mish mash of my entire life that really, no one really cares about. The other problem is that, well, I can’t think of any other way to randomly stash my (online) life away. Sure I blog on a site and I have like, 1 friend who knows that it still exists. And I’m ok with that because well, I don’t really say anything important anyway. But I do think that stashing my online life on FaceBook is driving everyone nuts and I should stop that. I just wish that there is another place where I can randomly log in, write out my random thoughts, be 140 characters more or less, post my pictures, the bookmark of articles I want to read or think others should read, without others having to read and be bothered by the online garbage I keep spewing. 

In short, I need to wean myself off Facebook. I tried using twitter (honestly, now its more like my yahoo email account, every spam twitter message goes there…some of it really interesting, but not something that I read everyday…just once in a while … in between pressing refresh on my email), and tumblr (not too bad….but its not like its that easy to use either). So I’m still stuck on Facebook. I use this blog for longer posts, like the one that I’m currently writing. The verbal garbage from my brain. But I have lots of random short verbal garbage and it just seems inappropriate to blog it here. The issue is that there is too much social media but nothing that is a one size fits all for me.

So World Wide Web, any ideas? anyone?

Oh yeah. I also started watching Scandal. I’m watching it on NetFlix. I’m still on Season One. I watched it till when it was revealed that Billy is the bad guy. I’m not sure that he’s the only bad guy. But when those scissors came out, I’m pretty certain that he’s not sane. In fact, I’m almost certain that both he and Amanda Turner are both weird psychopaths except that she found her sanity. And then was stupid enough to make a phone call wanting out. I mean, everyone knows that you can’t declare that you are out. That’s like suicide. You just pack up and leave. You don’t tell the bad/crazy guy that you are out or that you don’t want to be crazy anymore because the bad/crazy guy will go ahead and do the crazy stuff, you know, like kill you?

And that was a spoiler by the way. Sorry. But the show is already on its 3rd season. So, its not that much of a spoiler, is it? Also, honestly, if you haven’t watched the show, what are you waiting for? And if you’ve already watched it, well, its not a spoiler anymore, is it?

But what I want to know is this: Should I continue watching this show? I’ve googled Scandal. I’m not afraid of Spoilers. I still enjoy the show. Well, I know that it will be a while before I catch up so even if I read the spoilers, by the time I catch up, my sieve like memory would have forgotten any of the spoilers I’ve read. But I like the premise of the show. But this conspiracy theory thing just seems so cheesy. So what I want to know is: is it worth it for me to commit and well, keep watching?

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ERAs hell.

OMG. I think you know you are a 4th year medical student when you are sitting in front of your computer getting really frustrated while your poor heart is probably in danger of entering v-fib from all the caffeine you consumed while you were trying to fill in your resume (or lack of it), your personal statement (written so poorly it really says very little) and trying to find the AMCAS numbers for the programs you want to apply to but it is not working.

At any rate, its done. Submitted ERAs instead of going out to have dinner on my birthday. Talk about being grown up. Now all I need to do is buckle down and study for the boards, start and finish up my abstract (by tomorrow!), and my application for hopefully a trip abroad!