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Going from one home to another.

After a week and a half at Home, in Singapore, the city and country of my birth, I’m on yet another plane to go home. I hesitate to call this a vacation because I’m literally going from one home to another but this break was much needed. But as I’m heading back, I can feel the stress that had melted away during this short time away climbing back.

Sigh. 18 hours.

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Miam Miam

A few weeks ago, Akiko finally introduced her beau to me. As I had to work on a Saturday, it was up to me to pick a place to eat. Initially I thought we should go to Percolate but my colleagues said that Percolate tends to get really crowded on the weekends. So I dutifully got my Chope app out and found out that Miam Miam is now open in Tampines One! Having read so many reviews of the food from Miam Miam, it was now my turn to try and so a reservation for 3 people was made.

Now miam miam is one of those places that serves Japanese-French fusion inspired cuisine. Their menu had japanese curry, but they have it as a soufle. They also had matcha soufle which I was quite tickled by. As it was our first visit, I followed the instructions on the menu very carefully and their very first step was to order dessert first! yum! My favorite course. A chocolate soufle and matcha soufle was ordered. I also ordered the squid ink rice and Akiko’s beau ordered the japanese curry soufle. Akiko went healthy and had a salad. We also ordered a mushroom soup which came with a runny egg which we are supposed to mix with the mushroom soup. It came out tasting much better than we expected. And as it happened to be during the lunar new year holidays, we also ordered the new year salad which came with edemame.

Overall, the food was rather good. But the waiters did not seem to understand the concept of clearing food before serving the next course.


Tampines One. Basement.

Monday 11:30AM–10PM
Tuesday 11:30AM–10PM
Wednesday 11:30AM–10PM
Thursday 11:30AM–10PM
Friday 11:30AM–10PM
Saturday 11:30AM–10PM
Sunday 11:30AM–10PM
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Having heard all the rave reviews about Prego, I made a date with the girls to go there for dinner on the last day of Jan. Sort of a mini-celebration for having survived the first month of 2017. Unexpectedly, I made an earlier reservation as a last chance to see TheCube and his wife before babyboyCube arrives.

Our first visit, in my opinion, was a bit of a disappointment. I had ordered the squid pasta and it arrived rather dry-ish and wasn’t very good. TheCube had ordered the carbonera which appeared to taste much better. The only saving grace of the evening was the desserts.

On my second visit with the girls however, it was a much better improvement. I’m not sure if it was due to the bottle of wine we ordered. But the food tasted much better this time round.

After ordering, water duly arrived, along with the bread, in a cute little breadbox. I liked the neat compact presentation of the bread even though there clearly wasn’t enough bread for 6 hungry girls.


Good thing we ordered plenty of appetizers. First up was the insulata di cypress ($24) which I had learnt how to put together in my Italian cooking glass in Bologna. The cheese was marvellous and the tomatoes were sweet. Then we had thyme infused scallops ($28) which we had ordered because it sounded so fancy. And we also ordered some calamari as the ‘safe’ dish because you really can’t go wrong with calamari..($26).

Next up were the mains. The first was the spaghetti pescado range. The sauce wasn’t too heavy this time. ($36)20170131_183844-01And the next was the agnolotti di vitello all suggest d’ arresto. I was surprised I liked it since I’m usually not a ravioli fan. ($36).

20170131_183846-01The capelli  aragaosta known at the table as the angel hair pasta was a fan favorite. ($38)


20170131_183859-01The strozzapreti or braised oxtail ragu was a tad heavy but still wildly delicious ($34). And then we had pizzas. I mean, can you honestly go Italian without some pizza?

20170131_185711-01This was my favorite and i think it’s the funghi misting ($34).

After that, dessert time!

I didn’t really think that the chocolate tart was very good (even after having tried it twice on two different occasions). The tiramisu was very good, as was the caramelised peach dessert. Overall, the pizza and pastas were quite good. The setting and service was only average. In my opinion, the hype is over-rated though.

Here are the details:

Located in: Raffles City
Address: 2 Stamford Rd, Raffles City, Singapore 178882

Monday 6–11AM, 11:30AM–2:30PM, 5–10:30PM
Tuesday 6–11AM, 11:30AM–2:30PM, 5–10:30PM
Wednesday 6–11AM, 11:30AM–2:30PM, 5–10:30PM
Thursday 6–11AM, 11:30AM–2:30PM, 5–10:30PM
Friday 6–11AM, 11:30AM–2:30PM, 5–10:30PM
Saturday 6–11AM, 11:30AM–2:30PM, 5–10:30PM
Sunday 6–11AM, 12–3PM, 5–10:30PM


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Hello Kitty Orchid Cafe

So the Hello Kitty cafe in changi airport opened a few months ago but the queues outside were so long I refused to go until last weekend. There were only 5 people in line so we took the opportunity to give it a try.

So first impressions.  Cute place and decor especially for an eatery in an airport. We were seated at a table with one of those clear glass backings so you can see what’s beneath you and table itself is placed over these rectangular blocks with an enclosed terrariums. Pretty darn cool. Kids were taking photos with with giant Hello Kitty statues and posing. Kinda cute. The food was pretty decent as well.

The not so good parts. So the food is decent but the portions are small but a bit pricy. The service. Well. The waitstaff are friendly but seem quite oblivious to what’s going on around them.I can’t figure out if they are hired to entertain the kids or if they are there to actually you know, take orders and get me my food. They were friendly enough but …

Anyway, as a novelty concept and to being some kids along for a fun meal, it’s quite ok. But I doubt that I’ll be going there on a regular basis. It was fun. But $70 for 2 entres and a dessert with no drinks….not so worth it.

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DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe

Nice artwork on the one page menu.

My birthday was this past week and since Fri was Polling Day (SPOILERS: PAP won by a landslide), I decided I simply had to go check out the DC Comics Superheros cafe at Marina Bay Sands.

Now, given that this is a gimmick, and located, at of all places, Marina Bay Sands, I really wasn’t expecting the food to be ohhh-la-la good. I figured that as long as the food was edible, I would be quite satisfied. I mean, no one goes to Disneyland for the food, you know what I mean?

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When we first arrived, we saw that there was a super long line at the restaurant part so we thought we would give the cafe part a try. After queueing up for a super long time, they told us that the “food” part of the cafe was all sold out.  I guess they are expecting their patrons to be superheros who can tell when they don’t have food ? The pastries looked pretty, but I was hungry, and wanted real food. So I dragged my mother to the actual restaurant part and waited in line.

We got a seat after a 20 min wait and the prices were, not surprisingly, higher than the cafe prices. I mean, a can of root beer was listed for $4.90. Seriously? Superhero drinks also come with superhero wallets. I ordered the chicken burger (I think they named it the superman sandwich). I was about to order the Batman burger but the one that appeared on a neighboring table didn’t look very good so I passed. Mom ordered chicken with fries. The food was, well, decent. Overpriced. But decent. Its nothing to shout about. They definitely won’t make chef of the year. In fact, mom thinks they probably ordered the food frozen from the supermarket and then heated it in the microwave. I kind of have to agree. This is like dorm food. In a restaurant.

What was disappointing, however, was that I had nothing to play with. Al the super hero figurines were displayed on a counter far far away but I didn’t get to play with any of them. I’m not really sure what the point of the superheros concept is. For one thing, no one was dressed in a superheros costume (fair enough since some of those costumes are either never going to be flattering or anyone or too heavy to be useful on a day to day basis…but at least wear a cape people), and there was nothing else on the tables to suggest why I have to pay through the nose to eat here. Sure, the walls are nice, and you have cool stuff in a display cabinet. But … $25 for a burger really should have resulted in something … more.

I think management might need to sit down and think over the concept again.

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Food Nation

Singapore is a country where food plays an extremely important role. I don’t know if its because our poverty line is low, or if the fact that we used to be a third world country a mere two generations ago (some might call this the starvation theory) but there’s food everywhere. The success of a mall seems largely dependent on the kind of restaurants or food stores they have. The other stores seem almost like a second thought. Although restaurant chains are very popular, there are many independently owned food stores/restaurants (although many are probably plotting their way to world domination by setting up successful chains).
It probably won’t surprise anyone then to find out that Singaporeans are getting increasingly obese and are facing issues such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and diabetes. My patients keep telling me that they either live alone and find cooking a chore, OR that cooking for two is too much effort. Do they eat out instead. Some people also don’t have a ‘wet’ kitchen anymore.
Well, apparently eating healthy is possible, at least according to Asia-City anyway! Their article lists 10 places in Singapore where you can enjoy a healthy meal. I really hope that there are more than 10 places to eat healthy meals, but I suppose 10 places is better than none!