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SATC-ing it

Yes. I’m one of those people who went to watch Sex and the City  movie when it opened yesterday. Hey! At least I didn’t go to a midnight show on Thursday night!  I had promised myself when the HBO show ended that there was no way I was going to pay good money to see a movie that was most likely going to be a two-hour tv show. But when the girls from my lab got so excited about going to watch the movie and trying to round people up to go, I simply had to go. After all, its the company that counts.  It was quite an enjoyable night even though I didn’t enjoy the movie as much as I thought it would. Perhaps it was the over-hype. I dunno. If I’m honest about it, the show promised what it delivered–fashion fashion fashion and more fashion!  And lots of drama to boot.  But at 2hrs 15 mins, it was an hour too long. It felt like they were trying to squeeze a whole season into one setting.  Even a DVD marathon would involve some time out. But because it was a movie, the movie had to flow, and there, I think was its downfall. *shrug* Even then, I don’t regret the $10.50 I shelled out. Ok, maybe a little. But I did learn some things from the movie.  Things such as when you are marrying a guy who is commitment phobic, remember that the wedding should be about the marriage, which is about the two of you.  Letting the wedding get ‘bigger than Big’ is probably not the best way to go.  A marriage, regardless of how good a guy the husband or the wife is can still be derailed if the couple do not continue to work on the marriage. And forgiving someone, especially someone you love, is very hard, but sometimes, it may be worth it.  Also, when a relationship revolves only around one person, then well, it won’t work out either.  Oh yeah.  I also learnt that Carrie is a big consignment store person with very expensive shoe tastes.  A lot of the movie wardrobe was from secondhand stores in NYC 🙂 My kind of gal!  The one thing I didn’t like about the movie was all the very obvious product placements. But then again, the show has been a showcase for designer fashion for years, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise.


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sex and the city madness!

Ok. So I had actually promised myself years ago that there was NO WAY I was going to part with good money to watch the SATC movie especially since it sounded like it was just going to be a 2hr version of the television show on the big screen. But its been 10 years! And with all the hype and hoopla, and well, its been soooo long since the television show, this sounds like it might be a real movie (as opposed to a fake one? haha) and my branch-mates want to go so I’m going to go with them too! But if I’m going to dress up to watch the Lords of the Ring movie, I figured I have to dress up to watch this movie too!  guess who’s going to comb through her extensive closet tonight for the movie tomorrow??!!!