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Weight Loss Tuesday Week 10

Current weight: 64 kg
Waist: 33cm
vices: 2 grande mocha frappe, 80gm of famous amos cookies
Exercise: 30 laps!!!!

oh goodness. This weight loss program is going nowhere. Can this be counted as a major setback? Have I hit rock bottom? I hope so.

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Happy Hour

My branch went out for Happy Hour last night to celebrate the fact that one of our fellows graduated from her MPH program. Due to the rain, we (the fellows) did not think that many people would show up. But surprise surprise! A lot of the PIs and tenure-tracked fellows (are they still called that?) showed up! It was a lot of fun. A lot of gossiping, teasing. And its cool when that happens ‘cos I’m so used to everyone being in ‘professional’ form, I forget that everyone is well, human, and likes to hang out and have fun too! I can’t wait for our planned “Some Like it Hot” night.  One of the other fellows actually got the official mojito receipe from the Hotel Del!