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Dazzling cafe dazzles

There have been a few changes in my workplace recently and it seemed like a dinner outing was needed for us to catch up with everyone.  I found a Groupon for 4 and made a reservation through Facebook. Simple, right? After we got there, we realised there was another branch in Orchard Central. Frantic calls were made to make sure that everyone was going to arrive at the same place! The one that we ended up going to was the one at Capitol.

Between the truffle risottos, mentaiko pastas, honey toasts, iced tea, 7 mains and 4 desserts were shared between all 7 of us. The waiter was so impressed that he even commented on it when I went to pay the bill. I told him that we East-siders are very good eaters.

Anyway, here are the deeds:

Located in: Capitol Piazza
Address: 15 Stamford Rd, 01-85 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178906

Thursday 12–9:30PM
Friday 12–10PM
Saturday 12–10PM
Sunday 12–9:30PM
Monday 12–9:30PM
Tuesday 12–9:30PM
Wednesday 12–9:30PM
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Collin’s Grille & Bento

So La Madre y yo have been spending a lot of time at the Little Cuz place because his exams are COMING. One day, on the way to the Lavender MRT, we saw this place that sells western food and there were a lot of people there. Hence, we thought we ought to give it a try. Turns out Collin’s is a chain, island wide, and sells affordable yummy western food!

I ordered a chicken chop with spaghetti ($10.50) while mom ordered the fish with calamari ($14.50, I think!). The decor of the place was very simple, almost like a school canteen, but it was definitely clean. Not much atmosphere. But then again, I’m there for good cheap food, not the decor! And the pasta was so good I dare say it actually rivals that of other more established fine dinning options!

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Anyways, definitely a good place to check out if you are in the area and want some good ole western cuisine!


Address: 803 King George’s Ave, 200803

Saturday 11AM–10PM
Sunday 11AM–10PM
Monday 11AM–10PM
Tuesday 11AM–10PM
Wednesday 11AM–10PM
Thursday 11AM–10PM
Friday 11AM–10PM
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On the last night of my visit to Copenhagen, the concierge at the excellent Ibsens Hotel got me reservations to HÖST, a COFOCO restaurant, which supposedly has fine dinning at “affordable prices”. I’ll be honest. I won’t be able to afford eating at that restaurant every week, but while on vacation, it was worth the splurge!

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Anyway, here’s the menu I picked (there were two choices, I believe the main course for the second menu was beef and I much preferred pork).

Höst Menu 
mussle-cream, baby-spinach, 
purée with parsley 
Pork neck 
burned white kale,  
fermented garlic and lingonberries 
Spelt ice-cream 
apple-purée, wheat grain, 
and meringues from grain-coffee 

Well, in short. The meal was fabulous. The pork was crunchy, yet tender at the same time. The Hake was similar to the one I had at Work in Progress (not surprising since the sous chef apparently works at both places). And the service was impeccable. Everyone was so nice. And explained everything so patiently to me. IT was absolutely yummy. The ice cream was a nice treat to end the meal with, I really liked the crunchy bits. I was surprised at how fresh the fish was as well.  The portions look small but by the time the meal was done, my stomach was *quite* satisfied. I sometimes wish I’m a food critic. And then maybe I can write a nice piece about how soft and stringy the squid was in the mussel soup, or how crunchy and tender the pork neck was. Unfortunately, I’m not the best writer. I just enjoy taking pictures of my food, and then posting it somewhere.

That said, the price of the meal was fair. Definitely cheaper than Relæ but just as enjoyable. Its called fine dinning after all. Well worth the splurge.

Here are important details:

Address: Nørre Farimagsgade 41, 1364 København K, Denmark


Saturday 5:30PM–12AM
Sunday 5:30PM–12AM
Monday 5:30PM–12AM
Tuesday 5:30PM–12AM
Wednesday 5:30PM–12AM
Thursday 5:30PM–12AM
Friday 5:30PM–12AM
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Ramen noodles

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In spite of the heat in Singapore, sometimes you just want a steaming bowl of ramen complete with the oily greasy soup. Its alright as long as its only once in a while. Menya Musashi at Bedok Mall serves that function quite well. I don’t think its the best bowl of ramen I’ve ever had but its not the worst either, which says something. And they have a lot of branches on this Island which means that when you order something that you’ve had before at another branch, you know at least what you are getting and what to expect. My main complaint really is that their soup is too oily. The portions are just right: not too much, and not too little. The noodles are just soft enough but sometimes when they are really really busy, by the time the noodles are served, it can get a little mushed. Still, they are quite friendly to my wallet. And like I said, the fact that they have so many chains means that at least I know what to expect.

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Celebrating the opening of the Goat year

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Well, the 7th day of the Lunar New Year is traditionally the day that businesses will open for the year. It is also known as “Everybody’s Birthday” because people did not always remember the day they were born so they just celebrated their birthdays on the same day.

This year we went to Tung Lok at Changi City Point Mall. In the past, I would never even have thought of going there. Its simply too expensive. I think, somewhere along the way, they must have lowered their prices or I’ve simply gotten used to the increased cost of living in Singapore. Their portions are small, but not too small and definitely more than enough for my small family.

They have a special CNY menu, as with all the other Chinese restaurants in Singapore. We had the traditional raw fish salad for Low Hei to usher in good luck for the New Year. We also ordered the shrimp fried in salted egg yolk paste and it was surprisingly not too salty. The paste wasn’t very crispy but the shrimp tasted very fresh. We also ordered the roasted chicken (there weren’t many choices, the other choices were duck and my father does not eat duck). Their CNY menu was very meat-centric though.  We also went for the fried crispy noodles. The red pepper was nice and sweet and I liked the mango sauce that came with it.

Not a bad meal and the price was definitely reasonable. My only complaint is that the menu was rather limited in selection and the service was very slow. The staff, although polite, ignored us most of the time and it took quite a while for the food to make it to our table. I’m fairly certain we’ll go back again though, but probably only after the CNY festive period.

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Food Nation

Singapore is a country where food plays an extremely important role. I don’t know if its because our poverty line is low, or if the fact that we used to be a third world country a mere two generations ago (some might call this the starvation theory) but there’s food everywhere. The success of a mall seems largely dependent on the kind of restaurants or food stores they have. The other stores seem almost like a second thought. Although restaurant chains are very popular, there are many independently owned food stores/restaurants (although many are probably plotting their way to world domination by setting up successful chains).
It probably won’t surprise anyone then to find out that Singaporeans are getting increasingly obese and are facing issues such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and diabetes. My patients keep telling me that they either live alone and find cooking a chore, OR that cooking for two is too much effort. Do they eat out instead. Some people also don’t have a ‘wet’ kitchen anymore.
Well, apparently eating healthy is possible, at least according to Asia-City anyway! Their article lists 10 places in Singapore where you can enjoy a healthy meal. I really hope that there are more than 10 places to eat healthy meals, but I suppose 10 places is better than none!

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eating out!

The very first time I discovered, I was with LD.  Even after we broke up, I continued using it despite the fact that a) I had gained the infamous freshman 20lbs and b) we had broken up because he kept comparing me to the 3 ‘Great Beauties’ who were all thin, beautiful asian girls. Seriously, I have a great love of food even though I don’t have a great palate. My sister, on the other hand, has an exquisite palate. She knows good food. I only know what I like, and what terrible food is.  Oh yeah. I’m also a cheapskate. Really cheap. But thats because I’m a student. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.  HAHAHAHAHAHA.  Anyway, I just found out that Ebates offers a rebate on  I haven’t used them in ages mainly because I kept dialing for chinese take out instead of actually going out to eat alone after Mike and I broke up. With LJ, well, the boy kept paying. heh.  Anyway, if you are looking to try out new (maybe even pricy restaurants), try out You pay like maybe $10 for a $25 restaurant certificate. Pretty good deal, yes?