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So I haven’t updated the blog in a while. I want to say that it’s because I’ve been busier than usual. But that’s a lie. I’ve kinda entered this weird lull in my life where nothing much has changed and I’m bored. I’m not as anxious as I normally am but the pressures are still there. I think I’ve just tuned it out. Or I’m burned out. Not sure which.

Anyway I just returned from a 7 day trip to Prague. Prague is a lovely city and I chose to go during the ‘off’ season in the first week of May which was supposed to have a smaller crowd but if that was the off season, I’m sure the ‘on’ season crowd would have been terrible because there were a lot of tourists when I went. Now 7 days in Prague is a lot. Most people would have planned day or overnight trips to Dresden or something like that. But I’ve been off my game and didn’t plan anythijg except buy my air tickets because i wanted to go to the andre reiu concert and it so happened that the joseph strauss orchestra was going to be in Prague during my designated vacation days. Yea. So this free and easy holiday emphasizes the easy part. Anything that required more effort wasn’t going to happen. Based on this trip i would say a full 3 days in Prague would be more than enough to see the major sights and catch at least 2 operas or see a couple of shows.


All of the museums and most churches require an entry fee in Prague but a majority of the fees are quite low. If the church required a fee and you are into classical music, i suggest you buy a concert ticket instead. I didn’t bother with the castle. I went to the grounds and walked outside (that’s free) but didn’t bother with the inside.

20170509_075435.jpgTo see the big cathedral with the beautiful stained glass, I recommend buying circuit b. Otherwise just walk in and see a bit of the front parts of the church. If that bit already draws your attention and you MUST view the rest of it then go get the ticket.

Interior of the st. Vitus cathedral with the beautiful stained glass windows.

I prefer the solitude so I walked up to the castle grounds early morning. I recommend catching the train elevator things across from Most Legii (the bridge that isn’t Charles Bridge) up before strolling to the castle. Less painful on the legs. The Starhov monastry is at the top of the elevator and its a more pleasant walk then climbing up to the Castle.

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In the wee hours of the morning the Charles Bridge is a lovely place to take photographs but in May the sun was already rising at 5.30am. The people that were there had gigantic lenses poking out from their DSLRs and large tripods. A few only had cellphone cameras but were mostly drunk teens/20ish kids on the tail end of their night out.

Another major Prague attraction is the astronomical clock which is super popular with tourists. The show goes from 8am to 11pm. I never bothered to stick around for one but did snap a few pictures at random times.


Now I know it sounds like I didn’t have a good time in Prague. I did. I REALLY did. I took a tour with Tour4Charity where the 400czk fee goes towards a charity that helps children in foster care adapt to life after they are out. I also did a food tour with Taste of Prague (point of note, the staff at Taste of Prague were incredibly helpful. Helped me obtain a last minute reservation with DeGustation, gave lots of helpful pointers on things to do, where to eat, etc EVEN after the tour was over. Totally worth it. LOVE their service). So I learnt about the history of the Czech Republic as well as their food history so I wasn’t a complete failure as a tourist. But if I’m honest about it, i walked around a lot, saw the interior of a few churches and one synagogue, ate quite a bit and dinned at some rather nice establishments.

I had a grand time watching the opera and it was so affordable I had to pinch myself.

But yep. That pretty much sums it up! At some point i will probably blog about some specific sights. But for now this is just a quick hello! And what have you been up to lately?

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Full steam ahead

Ahhhh…..Its another Monday. Doesn’t it feel like the weekends just fly by?11018578_10100719689563195_7421402889711014066_n Its been a very very busy week what with PapaMonkey turning 71 and me suddenly deciding to go out on a work night. I’m surprised I’ve actually not been late to work a single day!

Anyway, I just found out that a friend of mine is going to have a baby soon! Hip hip hooray. She was freaking out about the small amount of space in her apartment and wondering how she was going to fit in baby stuff in there as well. I tried to reassure her with my “all baby needs is a box to sleep in”. I’m not sure it helped a lot but I found this amazing Ikea Hack for a diaper changing table that I hope her partner will be able to help her out with making before baby comes!

If I haven’t mentioned this before, I am pretty stressed. I’m not really sure why I’m stressed. I just feel stressed. I think its the lack of exercise. But I’m also lacking in the motivation department. So my cousin thought I would need to relax by using a stress ball. But you know me, I’m never satisfied with any just old thing. I’m also kind of cheap (as in really broke) so the idea of making my own ninja stress ball makes me a little (ok, very) excited.

And while I’m at it, I think its pretty safe to say that I’m really not interested in having children. As it is, my stress level is pretty high. I really don’t think inflicting that on my future (unborn) children is a good idea. I used to feel that I was being terribly selfish but I’ve been feeling more at ease about it as I’ve gotten older and I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s made that decision and is comfortable with it.

That said, I still really like cute videos of children and this one is really adorable. I think its even more precious than baby’s first steps!

I probably need a vacation soon before I go crazy. I’ve been thinking about going to New Zealand for a while but the Cube cannot go because of work commitments and I really cannot think of anyone else who wants to go in the middle of winter. My aunt thinks I should stick with the major cities as I’ve always been a bit of a city girl. No one seems convinced that I’ll be able to get around simply by the bus alone. I’m beginning to think they are right. Maybe I’ll need to postpone New Zealand for a while. At least until I’ve had some time to do some proper research on it. Just showing up and hoping for the best may not work with such a limited vacation time….

Anyhow, its time for a new week! who knows, maybe by the end of this week I’ll have a brand new plan for vacation!


Last but not least, its International Women’s Day. Take some time out and celebrate the women in your life because without them, you will not be who you are today!

Peace out, and remember to take nice DEEP breaths!