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Burning Oaks for some atas meat

So when someone says let’s go to bedok simpang for dinner! What goes through your mind? Zhi char? Satay? And if it’s in a Saturday night and you are same like me you would probably say no! Because that place is insanely crowded on a weekend night. All the different eateries around the place are fully occupied in spite of the lack of air conditioning for most of the restaurants.

Hence when some colleagues suggested a meet up there I wasn’t particularly keen. But the meetup was on a Tuesday night and I haven’t been to the second floor of the Bedok simpang food market. But as all of our pockets are quite light after the recent spate of expensive buto delicious outings recently, a less expensive choice seemed a more practical idea.

Mind you in spite of the renovations to give it a hipster/vintage/nostalgic vibe bedok simpang food center is essentially a hawker center dressed up. The surrounding neighberhood is middle class with landed property so even though it’s hawker-ish it’s not super cheap. When I walked up to the second floor where Burning Oaks is located, the place was surprisingly bright and quite clean. Because the store won’t open till 6pm we ordered a clam bucket from Wholly crabs and some sweet potato fries. It was good enough that I think I might retuend to try their entres at some point. The drinks store had happy hour all day so we ended up with 2 Heineken for $5 each.


For entres we ordered a foie gras wagyu and another one with iberico. We basically asked the chef which were the most popular dishes and went with it.


The wagyu foie gras was interesting. I’m not a foie gras type of person but I found myself enjoying it quite a bit. The wagyu was cooked rather well with a touch of smokiness to it.

The iberico pork was quite fatty. Delicious. But it had a lot of fat. My health conscious friend left bits of it uneaten.  I wolfed mine down. It was tender and soft and sweet.

Overall we all had a good time and we were well fed at the end of it all. We all felt it was value for money. Its not exactly hawker prices but it’s not restaurant prices either. And it’s a nice place to relax and chill.

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