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4th of July fireworks

Its been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of celebrating 4th of July. I think the last time I saw some 4th of July fireworks was …hmmm…I can’t even remember when that was! Anyway, I finally got a chance to see the CameraMan and his new girl. She’s nice. Independent, confident, red hair. He’s very happy with her. He’s got this sweet shy smile around her. And I will admit, I felt a little jealous. Just a little.

Anyway, they took me to this 4th of July party. Their friend, who also happens to be a lighting technician in Hollywood, apparently goes all out for the 4th of July. He does this huge fireworks show in his neighborhood. I will admit, I was expecting some frat-house type of party but when I got there, the guy’s whole family was there, little children to older adults. Everyone just chilling out and having food and having fun. It was like an unofficial block party.

And he had speakers and lighting equipment out on the street. They had some random pre-fireworks fun but when the set up for the real show started, I started to get rather excited. And also a little scared. In Singapore, fireworks are illegal and the only time we see them is during National Day. My understanding is that fireworks in the USA are only legal for a rather limited period of time for the purposes of celebrating 4th of July. The only fireworks display I have seen have been official fireworks display by professionals.

Not to say that this guy isn’t a professional. He is, but he wasn’t doing it at an official event, this was a private party. There were no paramedics standing by, or fire trucks around. As a pediatrician, I was understandably nervous. But as an audience…I was excited!

I was beginning to feel rather homesick and neglected. But it was so nice catching up with CameraMan and the party was just so much fun and homely, I think some of that homesickness has gone. At least, for now anyway.

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a VERY belated 4th of July post

So erm, I finally uploaded my photos to my picasso account. Its a pity that I don’t have a better camera. Although, to be fair to my poor camera, it was a bargain, its small and fits into my tiny bags and its suitable for a lay-person like me who never took photography classes and sucks at Photography.  Anyway.  The fireworks.  Brilliant. Except for this stupid cloud that pretty much was in almost every photo I took. Tried to upload my videos. But I don’t think youtube wants more videos of fireworks going off. I like this one best because it made me feel like we were in a far far away galaxy…And since we were at the Lincoln Memorial, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of good old honest Abe.  This is not my best work (even by my super duper low standards) but he looks pretty imposing, yes? Never quite realised how big he was

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quick update

ok. so erm, happy belated 4th of July. I actually went out to the National Mall and the Lincoln Memorial to see the fireworks. Finally. Independence Day in the national Capital. I don’t think I ever did that when I was in Singapore. Crowds. *shrug* Took a ton of pictures. Even video (seriously, with a point and shoot camera, the dark…it just doesn’t work).  Will post later.

Almost had to move on Mon. Only to find out that not only did I not have to move (yay!) my appointment is being terminated earlier than I thought since they can’t pay me for more than a year. So essentially, I’m working for free (boo) but I also get to stay here for free (yay!) but its a small yay! since I’m already paying rent in Chicago.  Good thing I’m doing the g-CSF study which should be enough to cover the month’s rent.

In other news, I need to stop browsing through ebay. And start with Etsy. Much nicer stuff. Less ‘deals’ but at least I know what I’m paying for. Actually, I should stop buying stuff. Period. Should probably cut down on coffee at Starbucks too. $10 a day on coffee. That’s pretty much dinner money. And they wonder why I started only eating one meal a day. hmph.