Stop. Breathe. Think.

This past year has gone by extraordinarily fast for me.  I applied for a program that would essentially allow me to take a year off from my current studies on a whim and surprise surprise!  got in.  So now that I’m taking a break from school, I’m essentially, for the first time in my life, a working adult, albeit temporarily.  Granted, I’ve worked before, but they were always part-time jobs (which always seemed to pay a lot more than what I’m making now….) with very little real responsibilities.  But now that I’m older (and hopefully wiser), I seem to be gravitating towards something at warp speed without really knowing what it is that I’m gravitating towards.  Yet like the well-trained product of the society I come from, I keep ploughing away, keeping my head down hoping that I don’t get knocked silly by any flying Unidentified Flying Objects of desire, and praying that the landing will be nice and soft without any thorns.  As a bonous, hopefully, along the way, I’ll figure out who I really am, and that there really is a me somewhere out there.


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