Lost in London

I left my position as a resident in training to become a graduate student (again!) in London. It was a much needed break, mentally and emotionally. I’m pursuing a MPH in Nutrition with very little thought of what I’m going to end up doing with it. Well, that’s not true. I have a vague idea of what I would like to accomplish with it but as Fall has given way to Winter and will, as it always does, change into Spring and Summer, I suspect that what I want to do will change as well.

I’ve always thought that your thoughts, ideas and ideals change with your environment. As an undergraduate in an institution that placed a high value on research and academics, I found myself gravitating towards a research career. In my graduate program and post-doctoral training, I struggled to find a path, an identification for myself. I failed. All this despite the fact that in both the (prestigious) institutions that I found myself a part of, had very grand lofty missions.

And in a moment of sheer panic, and a desperate need to find a light in all that darkness, I find myself here. In London. In a program that I had originally planned to enroll in for no other reason other than, it might be fun. I have no big expectations from the program but what I have been experiencing, receiving has been nothing short of amazing.

As I said, you are shaped by your surroundings. I was always so focused on the USA, I forgot that the world is huge, and grand, and complicated. Although my institution is very academic, very research oriented, they are also very focused on global health, and the greater good. It has opened my eyes to a much wider world. And for that, I’ll be forever more grateful.


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