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habits are hard to change

So. 68.4kg. So not too bad right. Didn’t manage to hit 10K per day. But if you average it out, it came out to about 10K steps/day. So statistics.

Unfortunately, I’m now suffering from really bad muscle spasms. When this happens, I usually think, maybe I should take up yoga. But when the spasms go away, thoughts of yoga float out of my head too. Maybe I should take up something else? Any suggestions Internet?

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1 week

Well, the good news is I’ve been averaging about 10K steps a day. The bad news? I went to Hanoi (thoughts on that sometime this weekend…I think), pigged out and now the scale is sitting prettily at 68.8Kg.

But this week, no food trips planned. I’m still aiming to hit 10K steps a day. I don’t need to lose much. Just 0.2kg for a bit of encouragement, please?

*fingers crossed*

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Time to get serious

I’ve been waffling about the notion of getting healthy for a while now but the holiday season has come and gone, and well, still lazy as eve. I told myself that maybe I can start AFTER the lunar new year. Well the Lunar New Year was over yesterday with the arrival of the snow moon. I went to work today, and got myself weighed just so I know how much weight I’ve put on since November. 5kg in 2 months. Yuck.

I came home today, determined to take a swim or something. Unfortunately, by the time I came home, I was hungry and grouchy. It didn’t take me long to find an excuse to push it off again.

So I’m posting a picture of my BMI. I’m hoping that perhaps if I’m honest with how terribly unhealthy I m, I’ll be honest and take a active steps towards fixing the problem!


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weight loss Tuesday: week 18

That’s it. This is the end of the road. Leaving this weekend for LA. I mean, whoever heard of dieting while they are on vacation? And the dress? It only sort of fits. As in I can zip it up, but I can’t really hook it up. So I might need an alternative dress after all.

Current weight: 63.9 kg

Waist: ​33.0 cm

vices:1venti mocha frappe, 100 gm famous amos cookies
Exercise: 40 laps

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Weight Loss Tuesday Weight 17

oy vey. Time is a-ticking. I really need to fit into a dress. Maybe I should suck it up and buy a new dress because no matter how hard I try, this exercise-diet thing really isn’t working for me. Without chocolate, I’m grumpy as anything. With chocolate, I get sad because I can’t fit into my dress. *wail*

Current weight: 63.9 kg

Waist: ​33.0 cm

vices: 2 venti mocha frappe, 100 gm famous amos cookies
Exercise: 50 laps

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Weight Loss Tuesday: Week 16

You know what’s the REALLY annoying thing? I exercised more but I gained 0.8KG! WHY?!!

Its really annoying. Also, the extra coffee wasn’t my fault (exactly). I had gone to the doctor’s yesterday without breakfast, then decided to meet up with the family but along the way, I got sooooo hungry and tired, I simply needed a boost.

Current weight: 63.8 kg

Waist: ​32.5cm

vices: 2 venti mocha frappe
Exercise: 40 laps!!!!

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Weight Loss Tues Week Five

current weight: 64.2 kg! Seriously. After losing all that hair, you would think I would lose at least a few hundred grams. Instead, I gained 200 grams. *grrrr*

Waistline: 34 inches – at least I didn’t gain any

Vices: 3  grande low fat mocha frap,100 grams  of chocolate chip cookies and 2 shots of vodka. But it has been a very very long week so can you blame me? Plus THIS was too cute to pass up.


# of laps: 70 –did I mention that I had a really tough week? Next week isn’t going to get any better. I’m on course, and then I’m off to Sydney for the weekend…

So things I’ve learnt this week: shaving your hair doesn’t guarantee weight loss.