Here’s to a beautiful morning

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Mon Highlights-Relationship Goals

Gosh. I just found this couple on the internet. If they are not the funnest couple to hang out with, I don’t know who else would be.
For one thing, they recounted the story of how they met on YouTube to their friends and family, while stupendously smashed.

And then they had their first dance. Which was stupendously amazing.

Its a pity that the haze kinda ruined any sort of outdoor activities for people. This little kid trained so hard for the POSB Kids run and it was cancelled because it simply wasn’t safe for people to be running around outside in this toxic air. But you know what? At least he started. He got off the couch and started training. So what if he didn’t get to do the run? There’s always next year and I’m willing to bet he’s going to be the first kid at the finish line!

I felt so inspired after watching this little video that I went out and swam 5 laps! In the haze. Which I’m sort of regretting now because my urticaria is back. Argh. I really need to work on this exercise/getting fit/losing weight business though. The Big Day isn’t far away and I still can’t fit into my dress 😦

But hey! At least my hair is growing out.


PSA: Please donate to the Children’s Cancer fund!

Monday inspirations

Last Friday, I had dinner with classmates from high school. One of the girls, who is holding a full time job as a radiologist, is also a full time mom to 2 young children Aand is attending a part time course to obtain her Masters. She said that having children has simply made her more efficient. Me? I’m still single, no kids, with a job. But studying for a degree again is the furthest thing from my mind.

so my inspiration this week is mothers. All of them. All of you. But my biggest inspiration is my mom. She’s had to manage both me and my sister. And we are not easy children. The number of times we have tested her and disappointed her makes me ashamed.But she still keeps going and she still keeps doing these little things to make our lives easier. And many times I forget to say thank you. But I think I should also stop to ask ” are you ok mummy?”