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Mon Highlights-Relationship Goals

Gosh. I just found this couple on the internet. If they are not the funnest couple to hang out with, I don’t know who else would be.
For one thing, they recounted the story of how they met on YouTube to their friends and family, while stupendously smashed.

And then they had their first dance. Which was stupendously amazing.

Its a pity that the haze kinda ruined any sort of outdoor activities for people. This little kid trained so hard for the POSB Kids run and it was cancelled because it simply wasn’t safe for people to be running around outside in this toxic air. But you know what? At least he started. He got off the couch and started training. So what if he didn’t get to do the run? There’s always next year and I’m willing to bet he’s going to be the first kid at the finish line!

I felt so inspired after watching this little video that I went out and swam 5 laps! In the haze. Which I’m sort of regretting now because my urticaria is back. Argh. I really need to work on this exercise/getting fit/losing weight business though. The Big Day isn’t far away and I still can’t fit into my dress 😦

But hey! At least my hair is growing out.


PSA: Please donate to the Children’s Cancer fund!

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Monday inspirations

Last Friday, I had dinner with classmates from high school. One of the girls, who is holding a full time job as a radiologist, is also a full time mom to 2 young children Aand is attending a part time course to obtain her Masters. She said that having children has simply made her more efficient. Me? I’m still single, no kids, with a job. But studying for a degree again is the furthest thing from my mind.

so my inspiration this week is mothers. All of them. All of you. But my biggest inspiration is my mom. She’s had to manage both me and my sister. And we are not easy children. The number of times we have tested her and disappointed her makes me ashamed.But she still keeps going and she still keeps doing these little things to make our lives easier. And many times I forget to say thank you. But I think I should also stop to ask ” are you ok mummy?”

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Monday Inspiration

Yesterday was the 9th of August 2015. The 50th birthday of Singapore. And what can be more inspirational then the birth and progress of a nation who triumphed above all odds? The late PM Lee Kuan Yew, considered to be the founding Father of Modern Singapore did not live to see the jubilee celebrations but he had been present at every National Parade from 1966 when we celebrated our first year of birth until birthday #49. But in truth, he was present yesterday too. We all remembered him. And we all felt the sadness of his passing even as we celebrated.

For those growing up in the 1980s, our theme song for National Day were about progress, and about standing together. The songs were a cry to battle, to push us all to build something. Propaganda really, if you think about it, to whip us all into shape, to continue to forge a path ahead, as ONE NATION. They were catchy tunes, designed to make us march and clap and move!

Hands up those who remember perennial crowd favorite : stand up stand up for Singapore!

and then the other 1980s favorite: Count on me Singapore!

Back then we were still in the throes of nation building. We were all struggling to survive, to carve out a National Identity.

But in the late 1990s, when I was struggling to remember who I was as a person, to remember where I came from. Singapore reminded me. I am Singaporean. My heart is where my home is. This was no longer a nation that needed building. It was already built. We already have a home.

This year’s theme song was not about building a nation or about telling us that we have already built our home. This year’s theme song was about reminding how far we have come and how we have to learn to appreciate all that we have achieved as a nation. Our home. Our Singapore.

Happy 50th birthday Singapore. Still young. Still beautiful. A little older. A little wiser. But still very young. Battle weary perhaps but still triumphant. And may you continue to do so.

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Mon talks

I did it! I finally did it! I shaved my head! Turns out I don’t have aloplecia. Or plagiocephaly. Maybe a bit of benign hydrocephaly. But hey! I’ll take what I can get! In the meantime, I’ve reached $900 of my $1000 goal. And all those who donated get 3 times the tax refund at tax time because of SG50! So if you haven’t donated, maybe you want to reconsider? But yep! I made a BALD statement and I’m officially botak!

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, I managed to snag an invite to the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) 50th Anniversary Open House at the Istana! For those of you not in the know, the Istana is Singapore’s White House. It was bombed in WWII and they remodeled the part of the house where the bomb went through with a spiral staircase because that House is THAT IMPORTANT. And you know what’s the best part? I SAW THE PRESIDENT! IN PERSON! How cool is that??!! And one of the SAF guys told me that the Istana means the “White Palace” in malay. I don’t know if that’s true. But hey! Its the only Palace we have in Singapore!

Me! At the Istana Gates!
Me! At the Istana Gates!
The President is IN THE HOUSE!
The President is IN THE HOUSE!
The Istana House
The Istana House
In the meantime, my wedding is looming. And I still don’t have a dress. And I’m still trying to figure out how I want to look on that day. I’ve been googling images of bald brides for inspiration. And I found this great story of a bride who found out she had lymphoma and decided to go ahead and marry the love of her life anyway, bald, and without a wig. I love that story.

Isn’t she gorgeous? I got it from

I read this great article in the Guardian about marriage and statistics. Apparently both the Beau and I belong in the ‘bad’ statistics but guess what? There is always a chance that something isn’t going to work. But if we only pay attention to the statistics and not to our hearts we’ll never take chances in life and experience some of the best things in life. I’m willing to take a chance on the Beau.

Also, I bet I’m not the only person who feels awful in a swimsuit, and that was my excuse for not swimming for years and years. Well, that changed recently. I felt like I really had to try to lose some weight, the healthy way, and since there is a pool in my condominium, it seemed silly not to use it. So I started swimming again. But till today, I will only swim if a friend comes along or if its late enough that I can be certain no one else will be there to see me in my swimsuit. I also wear a rather ridiculous one piece. It is literally a costume. But this article on how real women around the world learnt how to feel comfortable in their own skin and their bathing suits makes me think that I really should take a deep breath and take the plunge in the pool. In daylight.

And who knew? Apparently models have cellulite too. And she still looks gorgeous as heck.

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Mon Inspiration

Right. So similar to the brides on the UK show “Don’t tell the Bride”, I don’t have any control over the wedding. We also don’t have 14,000 pounds for a wedding. Luckily, I sorta have control over the wedding dress. Sort of. Meaning, I’m going to be buying a dress over the internet and praying its as pretty as I think its going to be. I was looking through some wedding pictures and trying to figure out what sort of dress I should try to fit into. According to a bodyshape calculator, I’m straight shaped and according to David’s Bridal, I should get an a-lined shaped dress or a sheath dress. And I’ve been looking. Believe me. I’ve been looking. To the point of distraction. I’ve neglected my research work and I’m terribly disappointed with myself. I really really need to focus on work next week.

In the meantime, Taylor Swift (ie Queen Midas of the Music World) wore a headpiece I would love to wear on my wedding day in NY with a purple outfit. It is like, mad cute. Although I’m still looking for a juliet cap veil because my mom wore one on her wedding day.

In terms of dream wedding gown, the dress that Caitlyn Jenner wore to the Espy Awards is my dream wedding gown. Except she has nicer hips. And boobs than me. So I guess that’s not going to work on me either. In fact, having looked at so many dresses this past week, I almost wish I work at a bridal boutique so that I can get an employee’s discount on my dream gown.

Also, in more wedding news, there was a great Modern Love article in the New York Times about love not always being perfect, and that you may love your partner to the moon and back and yet… I hope I remember that.

The Russian Princess is also suggesting that we have a unity ceremony. The Beau and I had originally planned a simple wedding, ie someone marries us and we all head over to a restaurant for lunch. But she’s suggesting things like a unity ceremony and seashell like decor. And I’m afraid that I’ve rejected them all even though she is my matron of honor. I feel terrible and I find myself leaning towards saying yes to the unity ceremony. I wonder if I’m the only person who has found her “simple” wedding snowballing into its own monster. I understand that we all get to throw parties from time to time (although as I’m getting older, throwing a party is becoming more of a rarity) and that the Wedding is like the Party of Your Life. Apparently people judge who you are as a couple based on your wedding. But both the Beau and I are supremely lazy people. And we aren’t the most social. In fact, he was wondering if we would be able to get dinner over and done with ASAP so that we can go home and rest (I can’t bring myself to tell him what a Singapore wedding would be like…I figured I would just spring it on him when its time to renew our vows *hee*). Does anyone have any clue how to do a unity ceremony? The kits online are expensive (but very nicely personalized). I suppose if I was going to keep to a budget I could get it made for a much lower price….but I’m also (ahem) lazy.

Well, its Monday. Time to get to work!