a new decade

I’ve entered a new decade of my life. Yet, not a new stage of my life. I’m still a student, still learning. Although I suppose one never really stops learning. There is always something new to explore, to discover, to learn.

The past couple of years have been rough. I discovered a lot about my personality that I don’t like but I’ve been working on it. I have learnt a lot about the ‘real world’, much of which I do not like but I am unfortunately no longer sheltered from it and will have to learn to live in it. But it has not been all bad; financially I am finally earning a paycheck. I have allowed myself to indulge in some of life’s finer things but am also learning that I have to rein myself in a little. But one is only young once. And I can only fit into a certain size once 🙂

So once again, time has moved on. I have changed, and yet I have not.


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