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Singapore to Melaka

There are several ways to get to Melaka. You can drive but that would involve having to pay the Causeway toll fee and gas. It can get expensive but as my mom pointed out, gas in Malaysia is cheaper than Singapore so I guess you can make up for it. Pros: flexibility cons: waiting time to go through customs can get tricky

The second way is to go by coach. There are several found at the Queen St bus station. Or you can always get a ticket from a travel agent and they will pick up from a hotel in orchard road. Cheaper than the first option. And quite convenient but you lose the flexibility. You leave when they ask you to leave and you have to wait for everyone on your bus to clear customs before you can be on your way. But the seats are comfortable and you don’t have to worry about paying attention to the road.

The third option is slightly more complicated, has many steps and is perhaps the cheapest option. And also offers some degree of flexibility. It’s also my preferred method of going to Melaka from Singapore.

First we caught the Causeway link bus from Queen St (hint: it’s in Bugis). That costs SGD 3.30. Then after clearing customs instead of taking exit B on the left go straight to exit A and go down the stairs on the left. Catch the same bus to Larkin bus terminal which has recently been renovated. All the different bus companies now sell their tickets from a centralized ticketing office which makes life SO much easier. You can buy it from the ticket counter or from the computer terminals. It only costs RM21 per ticket.

Then you board the bus outside at Bay D. It takes about 2.5hrs to get to the Melaka central bus terminal. We then took a taxi which cost us RM20 TO get to Jonker street. I’m pretty certain you can use Grab to get there for much less but I didn’t want to download the app. We got to Jonker street and checked into a really nice hotel (Heeren straits hotel).

For the journey back the concierge called a grabcar for us. The cost to get to the terminal is RM7. We gave the guy Rm10 for his trouble which is still cheaper than takinga taxi. Speaking of taxis, how are taxi companies still managing to make money??

For some reason our journey home always takes 3 to 3.5 hours. Don’t ask me why. Then we go take the bus back to the woodlands checkpoint. An alternative is to take a taxi to the city sq shopping mall for one last meal before going home.

Why do I like the 3rd method? I like the flexibility. We can leave whenever. And to be honest we are normally satisfied after lunch dinner and breakfast in melaka.

We aren’t interested in hanging around till 4pm which is when the coaches normally pick you up. Plus this method allows us to decide to hang out at city sq if we are hungry after getting to woodlands checkpoint. Or get a haircut.

Haha. Obviously if we had a car it would be better. But the stress of driving isn’t worth it to me.

And yeah. We went to Melaka for a full days worth of meals and came back with new haircuts 🙂 #weekendsummary


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