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How having pink eye is making me think twice about my health

The inevitable has happened. I have pink eye. Pink eye, or rather, viral conjunctivitis sucks. But as a contact lens wearer, I’m also really worried about a corneal ulcer. Which, this might very well turn out to be. Due to the fact that I have a high deductible insurance, I have yet to establish care here in the US. Which means I can’t really walk into any clinic and have them check if there is a corneal ulcer or a foreign body, or if its just plain old viral conjunctivitis. And this sucks.

However, having pink eye has also made me start thinking about other aspects of my health which I’ve been neglecting. Well, let’s be honest. All aspects of my health. I’ve been eating junk food because I’ve been so stressed. In addition to the increasing numbers on my utterly disgusting weighing scale, my face has been breaking out into horrid acne and I’ve got red blotches. As someone who has never put on make-up on a regular basis I’ve actually taken to wearing BB cream, not a big deal for most people, but a big deal to me. I haven’t actually been exercising because the thought of shelling out $150 to join a gym and then another $25 every month for the privilege of going is simply too much for me right now. I’ve been trying to walk a little bit more but I’m getting bored of walking. I was going to join an exercise class but haven’t found the motivation to commit to anything at the moment.

Well, no more. As of this moment, to make myself more accountable to, well, myself. I’m hereby declaring a small step towards committing to my own well being. I have a little jumping rope (thanks Target!!!) and I’m committing to jumping rope 20 times a day for the next 2 weeks. And if I can do that without breaking any bones, I’m going to try to increase it by 5 every 2 weeks until I reach 50. My current weight is 69kg and I’m hoping that with the added exercise and eating healthy, I’ll be able to lose at least 1 kg every month. My healthy weight range is 52kg (a number which I have never ever reached before) but I’m hoping to be 62kg by the end of this year.

Here’s to a healthier start.


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