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Trolls Review

I took my nephew AND my 1.5yo neice to watch the Trolls over the weekend. And I must say, I enjoyed the movie a bit more than expected. Given that the cast includes Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick AND James Cordan (a multi-talented genius), you KNOW that the music has to be good. But it was so good that my nephew was literally dancing in the aisles.

The story is actually pretty simple. A bunch of trolls get kidnapped. The Princess goes to rescue them with the help of the village grump (named Branch, who isn’t brightly colored by the rest because he’s well, a grump…we find out about the reason later) and a lot of singing. Its very similar to Shrek, except Shrek involved a human Princess who is cursed and her hero is a green monster and then they both change along the journey. But you know what? This is a kids movie. They are all the same. And that’s ok! Because its fun. And you can bet I’ll be getting the soundtrack for Christmas. Just sayin’

Enjoy the trailer because I totally broke the rules and kept the trailers going for the two munchkins during dinner. It was that much fun.


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