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Birthday love

It was my birthday last week and a few colleagues of mine thought a treat would be in order. As it was also French Restaurant week, we thought we should give Lewin Terrace a try. Its a French-Japanese fusion restaurant located near the Registry of Marriages, right behind the Philatelic Museum in Fort Canning. There’s a bit of stair climbing involved but its nestled in such a nice peaceful area, you forget you are right in the middle of downtown Singapore.

Not handicapped friendly. But sooooo pretty….

So the location was peaceful, and its located in one of those pre-war Black and White houses from our colonial past. Which, by the way, were designed for our stiffling humidity in mind. I was very excited. But when I saw the prices of their not-restaurant week prices online, I nearly fainted because, frankly, I’m not sure I deserve to be that pampered.

But hey! Its French Restaurant week! So we indulged. SportsGal and I both chose the sirlion beef set meal with the wine pairing. Totally worth paying the extra $ for as the wines were delicious. PastryGal had to drive and chose the sushi set. Each part of the meal came out exquisitely plated and it was all so delicious. And the waiters explained each dish patiently. The head waiter (French) was very attentive and sweet. I dearly wanted to flirt with him but alas! Married. But the accent though. *swoon* He was also very obliging and took photos for us. In fact, they even printed out one of the photos as a souvenir for us to keep because it was my birthday! Now, handsome waitstaff aside, I thought the service was impeccable and I actually did something I rarely do in Singapore. I gave a tip! I know! But its one of those places where if you don’t give a tip, you genuinely feel terrible because everyone was so nice to you and it was such a delicious meal.

Anyway, the Lewin Terrace is definitely one of those places worth trying out. But unless if you are one of those people who can afford to rent or own a place in Bukit Timah, place it on your “special occassions” list. The food was delicious, and the atmosphere was excellent. Maybe when the husband visits in December, we’ll go there as a special treat!


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