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Hello Kitty Orchid Cafe

So the Hello Kitty cafe in changi airport opened a few months ago but the queues outside were so long I refused to go until last weekend. There were only 5 people in line so we took the opportunity to give it a try.

So first impressions.  Cute place and decor especially for an eatery in an airport. We were seated at a table with one of those clear glass backings so you can see what’s beneath you and table itself is placed over these rectangular blocks with an enclosed terrariums. Pretty darn cool. Kids were taking photos with with giant Hello Kitty statues and posing. Kinda cute. The food was pretty decent as well.

The not so good parts. So the food is decent but the portions are small but a bit pricy. The service. Well. The waitstaff are friendly but seem quite oblivious to what’s going on around them.I can’t figure out if they are hired to entertain the kids or if they are there to actually you know, take orders and get me my food. They were friendly enough but …

Anyway, as a novelty concept and to being some kids along for a fun meal, it’s quite ok. But I doubt that I’ll be going there on a regular basis. It was fun. But $70 for 2 entres and a dessert with no drinks….not so worth it.


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