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Talad Thai

I was so excited when i found out a new Thai restaurant that purports to be affordable was going to open in Bedok Mall. Waited weeks before they were supposed to open but the restaurant opening was delayed by a week! Didn’t bode well. But i was optimistic.

Today we finally decided to give it a try. First of all, the price. For something a place that is supposed to be affordable…well $8.90 per entre dish is a bit steep. But then again, its a shopping mall eatery, so that’s doable, i guess. Even though I feel its still a bit on the higher end of things.

I ordered the curry chicken and mom ordered the roasted chicken with hainan rice. The curry was quite fragrant. The roast chicken was ok. But the serving size was quite small for $8.90. I think we had better food at Salathai. Expectations for this “affordable” thai eatery were certainly not met in the ‘affordable’ end of things. In terms of taste, I think only the Hainan rice was good. The curry was too overpowering.


Disappointment rating: HIGH




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