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Gucci cafe


Did you know that these fancy handbag stores like Gucci and Channel all have their own cafes in their flagship stores in Tokyo? Yeah. So it turns out that the cheapest item in a Gucci store is their chocolate.  Which if you buy a box of 4 they will give you a shopping bag that let’s everyone else think you just bought a $4000 purse. I’m keeping that shopping bag in case you are wondering. To be fair the windows had a great view of Gina, the chocolates were delicious and this lunch menu actually looked reasonably priced. We didn’t eat lunch, just had a bit of tea. But we definitely  had a lot of fun walking out with that giant bag and tiny box of chocolates.

So ya know if you are in tokyo, shopping, and need a bit of pick me up. Go ahead. Go to the Channel or Bulgari or Gucci store. They all have cafes. The coffee is as decent as Starbucks, similar pricing but so much more fun.



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