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The Royal’s Cafe

A colleague, Little Miss Honey, recently returned from maternity leave and of course we had to celebrate!

We made a reservation at the Royal’s Cafe in Siglap. They have a branch in Simei too but I didn’t think that the small branch would be able to house such a big group. We’ve had cakes from the cafe in the past so I was quite excited to be able to finally taste some real food.

Their specialty is the mee Siam which almost the entire table ordered. When it was first served, the smell of the mee Siam made me so hungry I almost started to drool. And then the lamb shank came out and I almost attacked it. The meat was tender and pretty much almost fell apart with a single touch. Then my nasi lemak came. It came in a rather deep dish so I couldn’t see the rice at first but once I lifted the egg I saw ….pandan rice! Yum!! Unfortunately, I still do not think that it can neat Punggol Nasi Lemak but it was still pretty good. The ilam bilis was very crunchy. I didn’t think the fried chicken was up to scratch and the egg was unfortunately cold.

But dessert more than made up for it. We had ordered the chocolate crunchy cake in advance. It was delicious! There was quite a bit of chocolate but the best was the crunchy bit at the base.



19 Upper East Coast Rd, 455209


6444 2262



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