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When I first described what tonkatsu means to the Beau, he wasn’t very enthusiastic about going to Butagumi, he finally relented because I really really wanted to try it especially since every Tokyo food blog says that you can’t leave Tokyo without trying them. So the poor man allowed himself to be dragged there even though he really does not want to eat pork. Like at all. Luckily for him, they had a great selection of starters that he managed to fashion a decent meal out of.

as for me, I got to eat Tonkatsu! And man! Am I Glad I dragged him there. It was delicious! The meat was so tender and the outer part so crispy! We even got a rose beer to accompany the meal.

The tonkatsu comes in a set meal with starters and soup. I think we stressed them out quite a bit when we said we only wanted one order of tonkatsu but instead of throwing us out they allowed the beau to pick his starters. Having devoured mine, I wish we had gone ahead and just ordered two sets of tonkatsu with different cuts and I could have eaten BOTH of them!

It wasn’t the most difficult place to find but it wasn’t the easiest either but here is the best description I can give for finding it:

Butagumi is closest to Roponggi station. We took the Tokyo metro subway, got out and turned to the left downhill and passed by the expo located across the street on the left from us and kept walking until we saw a Koban (police station) crossed that Street towards a restaurant called TeTas. There is a parking lot with really fancy cars under the bridge while crossing the road. After you are on the same street and facing TeTas turn to your left and walk down to the nearest Street that turns in. Turn in by turning right. You will then see a bit kinda of a fork road. If you look up you will see a cute building with a crescent moon. That’s Butagumi.



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