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Antoinette @ Penhas

Guys guys guys! Like super exciting time limited news!!! Antoinette on Penhas Road is celebrating their 5th anniversary and they are offering a 4-course meal for $40++. If you’ve ever eaten anything at Antoinette you would know that is a great deal. Most of their entres are in the mid-20s to 30s range.

My favorite course was the lobster bisque.  I was totally expecting a bowl of soup. But nope. It was scallops and an oyster with the lobster bisque over it. The bisque was so good I wiped the plate clean. The filet was pretty good too, quite tender and sweet. The desert. It was called rouge. I wanted helpings so badly it wasn’t funny. So essentially it’s a chocolate ball with ice cream and crunchy bits inside.  Then the waitress pours warm cranberry sauce over it. Dessert was worth the price of the dinner itself.


Anyway the anniversary course is valid till the end of May 2016. Hurry! Go eat while it lasts!!!



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