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Shakespeare in the Park Romeo and Juliet

Last week, Akiko invited me to a viewing of the Singapore Repretory Theatres latest reincarnation of Shakespeare in the Park. The Park in question is the Fort Canning Park, specifically at the old Catholic Portuguese Graves by the Gothic Gate entrance.


They are staging Romeo and Juliet this year and I obviously said yes because well, romeo and juliet. And an evening out is always appreciated. Which is also why on a hot humid summer night I found myself sitting in grass with a lot of food with my oldest friend from my long gone childhood.


I’ll have to admit, I had forgotten how much lust was embedded in the play.  When I was young and foolish, all I could see was the ‘star-crossed’ lovers but now that I’m rapidly approaching middle age, I wonder if Juliet would have been better off marrying Paris? After all, Romeo seems to a rather fickle weak willed sort of boy. Pining after Rosalind in one instant and then scaling the walls to steal a kiss from the virginal, but still very hornyoung Juliet. And the way Juliet was portrayed, I found it hard to believe she was truly in love. She seemed more like she was in heat. And was throwing a tantrum because her parents dared tell her to suck it up and marry Paris because she’s the only surviving daughter of a rich family and political alliances is part of the deal. Because honestly all of the subsequent deaths could have been avoided if she just ran away with Romeo in the first place. I know. I’m old.

As for the staging itself, I really liked the stage design and costumes. The music….not so much. For an outdoor performance the sound was pretty good although I think the sound system kind of went haywire in the last act.


Overall it was quite a pleasant experience in spite of the heat. Next week is the last week the play will be staged so if you fancy a night out with a nice picnic and entertainment, this should be on your list.



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