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Now that Noma has temporarily relocated to Sydney, Australia, Relæ has taken over the role of the best restaurant in Copenhagen. It’s located in Jaggersborde, which wasn’t too far from the Ibsen’s hotel. I had tried, unsuccessfully to get any reservation but the concierge at the Ibsen’s worked his magic and I found myself there on a nice Thursday night seated to a newly wed couple, who like me live on separate continents. They were absolutely lovely and made a very deliciously expensive meal into an exquisite experience.

I was a little wary at first because some of the online reviews I read were a little mixed. Plus they are supposed to be quite heavy on the vegetables and those who know me know that I’m mostly carnivorous. Still, this IS the best restaurant in Copenhagen and I’ll be dammed if i didn’t give it a try.

Given that this was an unexpected reservation, I had already eaten quite a lot during the day, I ordered the 4 course meal instead of the 7 and politely declined the wine pairing even though it was quite tempting to taste unfiltered wine.

The food was amazing. There was a pureed potato dish with burnt olive that tasted like chocolate. Needless to say I was in heaven.

Anyway, the restaurant is located here: Jægersborggade 41, 2200 København, Denmark 

Opening hours 

Phone number is +45 36 96 66 09

Best to call for reservations. Easily accessible by bus but there is still a bit of a walk. Get off after the cemetery park.



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