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La Brasserie–Singapore Restaurant Week 2016

Its Singapore’s Restaurant Week! Woo-hoo! The one time of the year when simple folks like me get to eat like, well, the not so simple folk! A fellow colleague, the GourmetLover, went onto the website and picked a restaurant several weeks ago and on Monday, we finally got to try it out!

So first, the quick and dirty. La Brasserie is located at the Fullerton Hotel by the Bay. So the Fullerton is divided into two parts. The first one is where the old Post Office was located. The second one is right next to the Customs House. Its a really really nice Grand Hotel. If it wasn’t because we were going to have dinner there, I’m not sure I would have even dared to step in there.

Diners who reserve their spot for restaurant week at La Brasserie get a set menu for $58++ per person. Erm, SIGN ME UP PLEASE!!!


The Menu is as known as the “Feast of the Sea” and is as follows:
Poached Egg served with sliced Parma Ham, Shaved Parmesean and Petite Green Salad


Sauteed Prawns and Chorizo served with Pine nuts and Watercress Salad

Filet de Bar served with Chargrilled Courgetres, Mint, Fresh Tomato relish and house fries or

Braised short ribs served with truffle infused meshed broad beans and fine beans

Rose and Corn cake served with Rose Caviar and vanilla ice cream.

Because there were three of us, we had at least one of EVERYTHING.

And it was DELICIOUS. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to afford to go there on any other day (or week for that matter). But the food was super delicious. And IF there was a really really good reason/occasion, its on the shortlist for sure.



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