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On the last night of my visit to Copenhagen, the concierge at the excellent Ibsens Hotel got me reservations to HÖST, a COFOCO restaurant, which supposedly has fine dinning at “affordable prices”. I’ll be honest. I won’t be able to afford eating at that restaurant every week, but while on vacation, it was worth the splurge!

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Anyway, here’s the menu I picked (there were two choices, I believe the main course for the second menu was beef and I much preferred pork).

Höst Menu 
mussle-cream, baby-spinach, 
purée with parsley 
Pork neck 
burned white kale,  
fermented garlic and lingonberries 
Spelt ice-cream 
apple-purée, wheat grain, 
and meringues from grain-coffee 

Well, in short. The meal was fabulous. The pork was crunchy, yet tender at the same time. The Hake was similar to the one I had at Work in Progress (not surprising since the sous chef apparently works at both places). And the service was impeccable. Everyone was so nice. And explained everything so patiently to me. IT was absolutely yummy. The ice cream was a nice treat to end the meal with, I really liked the crunchy bits. I was surprised at how fresh the fish was as well.  The portions look small but by the time the meal was done, my stomach was *quite* satisfied. I sometimes wish I’m a food critic. And then maybe I can write a nice piece about how soft and stringy the squid was in the mussel soup, or how crunchy and tender the pork neck was. Unfortunately, I’m not the best writer. I just enjoy taking pictures of my food, and then posting it somewhere.

That said, the price of the meal was fair. Definitely cheaper than Relæ but just as enjoyable. Its called fine dinning after all. Well worth the splurge.

Here are important details:

Address: Nørre Farimagsgade 41, 1364 København K, Denmark


Saturday 5:30PM–12AM
Sunday 5:30PM–12AM
Monday 5:30PM–12AM
Tuesday 5:30PM–12AM
Wednesday 5:30PM–12AM
Thursday 5:30PM–12AM
Friday 5:30PM–12AM


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