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Crave….Adams road Nasi Lemak

New eating options opened in Bedok Mall a few weeks ago. What’s more, they were low cost options and we decided we simply had to try them out! One of those new places was called Crave. They are a halal eatery and are a Nasi Lemak store. The set up looked like a fast food kind of place. Not many seating options. And a counter where you can place your order. Unlike most Nasi Lemak places that I know where you get to actually pick what you want, the Nasi Lemak was in preset options. All the sets had Ikan bilis and very delicious chili. In addition to the sets, you could add extras for extra costs. Each set is $4.90.

I ordered the chicken cutlet while mom ordered the fried fish. I thought mine was delicious and the rice adequate. You could sort of smell the coconut. The chili was rather delicious. But mom felt that the fish wasn’t very fresh and that rather spoiled her meal.

Altogether, it was a meal that was quite satisfactory. We will most likely return.



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