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The Soup Spoon

We had a lot, and by a lot, I really do mean a lot of food over the CNY. It is the last of the festive holidays before “real life” begins. But sometimes, when you’ve had too much rich food, you need something lighter, healthier, something to refresh the palate.

On the second day of the Monkey year, we took a break from all that feasting for some healthy foods. Thankfully The Soup Spoon was open on the second day of the New Year at Changi City Point. We ordered mushroom soup, tangy tomato basil soup, butternut squash soup and some falafals. And because we were so awfully healthy, we thought we could afford a small treat and ordered a piece of very delicious chocolate cake.  I loved their tangy tomato basil soup. It was only mildly spicy but it cleaned my sinuses out. The butternut squash was very nice and  sweet. The chocolate cake wasn’t terribly rich either. The nephew ordered the salmon burger from the Handburger restaurant, which, incidentally, is part of the same restaurant group. Very convenient especially if you have a large group with very different needs in terms of their diet. I have to admit, when I first tried out The Soup Spoon, I wasn’t terribly impressed but this latest outing has changed my mind. They list the calories for the foods you are ordering (very useful if you are keeping a food diary), and gives you the option to choose healthier foods. And you can also buy soup packs to make it even easier to have a healthy meal at home.



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