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Time to get serious

I’ve been waffling about the notion of getting healthy for a while now but the holiday season has come and gone, and well, still lazy as eve. I told myself that maybe I can start AFTER the lunar new year. Well the Lunar New Year was over yesterday with the arrival of the snow moon. I went to work today, and got myself weighed just so I know how much weight I’ve put on since November. 5kg in 2 months. Yuck.

I came home today, determined to take a swim or something. Unfortunately, by the time I came home, I was hungry and grouchy. It didn’t take me long to find an excuse to push it off again.

So I’m posting a picture of my BMI. I’m hoping that perhaps if I’m honest with how terribly unhealthy I m, I’ll be honest and take a active steps towards fixing the problem!




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