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Breakfast at Starbucks

Over the CNY holiday we found ourselves having breakfast at Starbucks. Our usual breakfast hawker stores were understandably closed and most Singaporeans know that fast food restaurants are our best bet.

In the past we used to rely on McDonald’s but this time we thought we should give Starbucks a try especially since they have a promotion where you can get a free upgrade of a regular coffee to a tall cappuccino or latte. All for only $6.90.  We ordered a mushroom chicken sandwich and an egg mayo sandwich. But I was still hungry after my mushroom sandwich so I ordered another almond croissant to finish my meal off.

For $6.90 each, it really isn’t a bad deal. Almost equivalent to a meal at McDonalds.Still, we live in Singapore where a much more filling meal of noodles can be obtained for $3. For a once in a while treat, this breakfast  isn’t too bad. The almond croissant was very tasty as a snack. I just don’t think that I’ll be seeking a breakfast like that in a daily basis.



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