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Hock Lee Fishball noodles

For the past 2 days I’ve gotten up at 5am in order to catch the 6am train to Bugis. Why? Did I get a new job? Nope. Its because of Hock Lee Fishball noodles which are so darn good, I have #noregrets being bleary eyed at work. Hock Lee Fishball noodles is located at Albert Complex food centre. Their fishball noodles are so good, there’s a long line even at 6.40am. But the auntie and uncle who sell these noodles are very efficient, so I’ve never really had to wait longer than 10-15 minutes for my favorite lao shu fen. The fishballs are nice and bouncy. And the chili has a nice tangy taste to it. I always order the dry noodles because I think the chili sauce is too good not to have dry noodles.I’ve tried replicating their chili sauce at home, but never to very much success. And the soup that the 5 precious fishballs come in is very light, not much msg in it at all. Once, I only got there around 11am, and they were closed! I went home hungry. For $3, this is like, the best breakfast, ever.



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