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Thai Noodle Bar at T3

So I had to work last Sunday, and by work, I mean, go into the office, switch on all the computers and make sure that they can still be switched on after some massive blackout the night before. p.s They worked.

Then I called Mom and met her at the airport for a super early lunch. Well, brunch. Except we had lunch food. There’s a new cafe that just opened, its called Aoy’s Thai Noodle Bar and its at Basement 2 of Changi International Airport Terminal 3. Mom had heard my cousin talking about the special Thai roast meat noodles as well as mango sticky rice and so she really wanted to try that. I was in the mood for some tangy tasting noodles and ended up ordering a bowl of chicken boat noodles. Together with the honey lime juice, the total cost of our meal was $20. Not too shabby. I was expecting it to cost more, to be honest.

The roast park noodles was really good, a bit sweet in my opinion and I really liked the chicken thai boat noodles.

A week later we went back for a light snack. This time some mango rice pudding and Tom yam noodles were involved.

Again, really not too bad over all. The tom yam soup had a nice spicy and tangy taste to it.  And it was washed down very nicely with the honey lime juice.

Aoy Thai Noodle Bar
B2 Changi International Airport T3
Opening hours: 9.00am to 11.00pm (Sun to Thu), 24 hrs (Fri, Sat, and Eve of PH)


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