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Ichiban Sushi

My sister and her kids came to visit and as a special treat for my nephew, we decided to take him for some udon. We went to Ichiban Sushi, which has one of those sushi things on the trolley belt. We went around 5.30ish pm, which is quite early for dinner. There was no one else in line, and even though there was a small podium that told us to wait there to be seated, there was no one there. So my sister took the initiative and walked down this narrow passage way to the main dining room and found someone who told her that not only were all the tables by the conveyor belt taken, there was no baby seat, which would have made it very difficult for us and my 1yo niece. Unfortunately, the nephew didn’t want to go anywhere else, so we had no choice. We were finally seated in a booth but it took a while for anyone to come and take our order. All this while, the baby niece is climbing all over her mother, wanting her exclusive attention, making it very difficult for my sister to order anything.

Eventually, we did get something ordered. In between feeding a very hungry baby, and a 4yo boy who doesn’t like to eat new things, and then having to distract said baby with a short walk to Cold Storage, where she proceeded to pick up avocados because she recognized her favorite food and nothing else was going to distract her from them. Seriously, other children like toys, my niece on the other hand prefers food.

Anyway, I thought that Ichiban Sushi was an ok restaurant. The food was pretty good (there’s a lot of msg in it, making me super thirsty) but the service was only so-so. I suspect part of it is either because they are short staffed or because their staff aren’t quite trained yet. I don’t know. It wasn’t extremely expensive. Nor was it super cheap. Will I go back there again? Probably. But only because the nephew wants to go back there. By myself? I think I might go upstairs to Ootaya instead.

Located in: Changi City Point
Address: 5 Changi Business Park Central 1, B1-12/13, Singapore 486038
Phone:6636 1736

Sunday 10AM–8PM
Monday 10AM–8PM
Tuesday 10AM–8PM
Wednesday 10AM–8PM
Thursday 10AM–8PM
Friday 10AM–8PM
Saturday 10AM–8PM





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