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Mon delights

Right. It was Christmas last week and 2016 will be upon us in 4 days. So short working week. yay!

And in the meantime, this is a sweet Christmassy sort of a video. This man who looks a lot like Kris Kringle, was pretty much stalked by a little girl in a local store and when she finally worked up the courage to talk to him, he pretended to be the real thing so as not to disappoint her.

Over the weekend, I went to the Ferrero Rocher pop up store at Wisma Atria to watch how they make the famous Golden Chocolate Balls.

So first, they have to make some melted chocolate with cocoa and cocoa butter and it has to be at 50-60 degrees. Then they pick out the perfect wafer halves and fill it nutella, pop a whole walnut and put the two halves together before letting it solidify in the refrigerator.

After that, he pours out the chocolate that he was melting onto the mat to cool it down to 30 degrees before scooping it back up into the bowl.


Then he dips the wafer balls into the melted chocolate, picks it up with a modified fork, allows the excess chocolate to drop off on a cooling rack, and then puts it into a tray of chopped hazelnuts so that the chocolate can pick up the hazelnut coating.

And then he takes the hazelnut covered chocolates and dips it into the chocolate again. And voila! Ferrero Rocher, handmade, just as it was in the past. It looked absolutely delicious.


Too bad the chocolatier didn’t offer us any but I did get some chocolates for a friend. Her birthday just passed and instead of me getting her a present, she had brought me back a box of really delicious chocolates from the Peninsula in Hong Kong! I think its time to repay the kindness, don’t you?



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