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Christmas with the BBC (and ITV)

Merry Christmas everyone!

In the past few years, I’ve gotten used to a weekend of binge watching British TV via the BBC iPlayer and the ITV iPlayer. In the past, this used to include Top Gear, but as the whole world knows by now, Top Gear, as we know it, is no more.

BUT, there’s Doctor Who, Downton Abbey AND Call the Midwife. TV guaranteed to make you laugh and cry. So I’m going to give you my two cents about them…but beware of spoilers!

So, first up. Doctor Who. Because you know, I’ve been biting my teeth for the past two weeks after the last episode of Doctor Who ended, wondering how the Doctor is going to get out of his slump now that Clara is no longer with us. Of course, River Song shows up. His lovely lovely wife. You know, the one who died when he was still in his 9th reincarnation. Its actually quite a fun episode, especially given how heavy the last 3 episodes of the season were. And as many reviewers have noted, River Song was the star of this show while the Doctor was her companion, and not the other way round. I’ve watched it twice and well, I can’t seem to get rid of the nagging thought that Mr. Moffit seems to be wrapping up all the lose ends. So the Rose era ended, and then we had Martha (who seemed more like a filler than anything else) followed by Donna. And then we entered the Amy Pond and Rory Williams era. Professor River Song was sort of the bridge between them all. But Amy and Rory were left behind in New York and Clara Oswald came into the picture, so we thought the story of the Doctor and River Song was part of the 11th (or the 12th Doctor, depending on who you talk to) Doctor’s story. And Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is a brand new start. After all, he is an anomaly. The Doctor had actually used up all of his regenerations, and yet, he was given a re-boot. Clara, Clara was there to bridge the gap. Or so we thought, but honestly, Doctor Who became about her, and not about the Doctor. And then, she too, was laid to rest (well, sort of). And then River shows up again. But she has her last date with the Doctor at the Singing Towers of Darillium, where I do think she finally realizes that the Doctor really does love her. Because, you know, Hello Sweetie. But doesn’t it feel as if Mr. Moffat is wrapping up all his loose ends so that he can say goodbye? Because Clara is gone. And it seems as if River’s story has come to an end too. And that perhaps it is finally time for the 12th Doctor (or, as I said, the 13th Doctor) to start his fresh new set of regenerations afresh. Perhaps the reason why he won’t have to remember Clara is because when she jumped and was split across the Doctor’s timestream, it was only split across his first 12 regenerations (and at that time, the only 12 that was allowed). Since this current regeneration really wasn’t actually to be part of his allowed regeneration (it was an anomaly), she wasn’t split across this one and so it was easy enough to remove her from his memory?

I know. Its confusing.

Call the Midwife. It always makes me cry. All the time. They really know how to pull the heartstrings. But the story about Sister Monica Joan and her going back home in her sick delirious state. Seriously. Pass the tissues please. I’m really pleased that Patsy might have another shot at love again. But that love triangle that they seem to be hinting at between Trixie and Barbara Gilbert and Rev Tom is a bit distressing though. I’m not sure I’m going to like it.

And Downton Abbey is finally over. And Lady Edith is now happily married and a Marquess. Triumphant over, well, everyone, even her meanie of a sister Lady Mary.

Well, that’s about it. I’m watching “And then there was none” on the BBC. Its based on an Agatha Christie’s book but the first episode, so far, has deviated quite a bit from the book. And I rather like it. Good acting to begin with, and I LOVE the costumes. Will keep ya’ll updated.




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