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Christmas is coming

Full disclosure: I’m not Christian or Catholic and I don’t celebrate Christmas. I suppose that’s why the commercialism and the holiday songs and mad holiday shopping don’t really get to me. In fact, I LOVE Christmas because that’s when the stores get really creative with their marketing and window displays.

Take for example Marshall Fields on State street in Chicago. Every year it’s a different theme and because this massive store occupies an entire block of the Golden Mile, every display is important and the whole store tells a story. This year, Marshall Fields (sorry, I know it’s Macy’s now…but to me it’s  still Marahall Fields. Macy’s belongs on 34th street, get over it) decided that we need to travel the Universe with Santa so they are taking us to Mars, to Venus, Pluto …you get the picture.  

While Lord and Talor in New York has decided that our dream Christmas is made of all those lovely Christmas sweets.

I know, and understand that this is all pure marketing. But honestly, it’s these old school department stores and their dream like window displays that really sets them apart from the fast fashion stores that mere mortals like me shop in on a regular basis. For once in a year, they make everyone, regardless of buying power, feel welcome and loved.


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