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The Good Dinosaur

I finally managed to borrow a child to accompany me to watch The Good Dinosaur, the newest Pixar animated offering. Initially I was a little apprehensive as my nephew is only 4 years old. In my experience, 4 year olds generally don’t know that one should not talk during a movie. And his bladder is probably smaller than mine which makes the viewing of the movie in its entirety a bit of a question mark.
But I need not have worried. Almost everyone in the movie theater was a young child. And multiple toilet visits were made. lido was smart enough to ensure the toilet was right next to the screen so when the nephew needed to go, we didn’t have to go hunt for the toilet. Or miss much of the movie. Brilliant.
The movie. Wow. So Pixar basically took the usual coming of age story and instead of staring a Lion had a dinosaur. A dinosaur with a dad and mom and siblings who live on a farm, you know, like human civilization s. Except they are dinosaurs. And this dinosaur eventually adopts a pet dog, er, critter (actually human). It’s great. The story is simple. Even predictable. But it was fun. Even funny at certain bits.
But I think the best part was the graphics. I mean, I know animation has come a long way from when I was a kid. But this was amazing. There were parts of the movie where I had a seriously hard time trying to figure out of it was animation or real life action shots. The way the grass looked by the river, the crops. They genuinely looked really and not animated.
And I’m sure that I’m slow to this realization. But I think the main thing difference between a Disney cartoon and a Pixar one is that Disney relies heavily on the music to move the plot along while Pixar has more dialogue. So far I don’t think the Disney cartoons I have seen so far have had animation as mind boggling as Pixar’s but its not to say that it is bad. It’s just quite different.
Anyway, I had a great time watching the movie, in spite of my concerns regarding my nephew.
Alas. The weekend is over. Heigh ho. Heigh ho. It’s off to work we go!


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