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I’m finally in LA. And for the first time ever, I was upgraded to Business Class on Singapore Airlines and OMG. ITS LIKE THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! I don’t know why I see Facebook posts from people complaining about the SQ business class experience because in my opinion it was fantastic. Even better than first class on United ( my only other experience not in cattle class).
First of all, the seats convert into beds. And there’s proper linens and blankets and nice comfy pillows. And they give you slippers. And they know me by my NAME. I mean, how cool is that? And there’s champagne the minute you get on board. Too bad I’m on a diet. See how strong my resolve is??
And the food. It’s served in courses. Not on a tray with all the courses at once. And there’s a table cloth over your pull out table! I thought u was in an Elizabeth Taylor movie!!! The plates comes out after you finish each course.I’m serious!!

And the screen is bigger than my laptop!

It puts a whole new spin on the idea of having breakfast in bed!
At the end of the flight I really didn’t want to get off. I hardly watched any of the movies I had earmarked because I was sleeping so damm comfortably!
Thank you SQ for an incredible experience!!!!



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3 thoughts on “Upgraded!

    1. I know. Business class was already so nice! First class mist be heaven! Ha-ha. Too bad I can’t actually afford this. I got upgraded because I helped with a medical emergency on board


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