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Got my wedding rings

After a whole week of shopping, I finally got my wedding rings! We had initially wanted to get the rings in LA upon my arrival but then I happened to walk into the Goldheart store at Bedok Mall where a very patient Adeline served me. I tried several rings but could not commit to everyone as I wanted to discuss it with the Beau first. but after the Beau found out that rings were going to cost more in the US, he gave me the go ahead to get the rings here provided we keep the cost below USD1000. 

I had thought about going to the fancy stores like Ling Jewelry or Jann Paul, but decided that they are probably going to be out of my budget.   That said, my email and phone conversations with their sales person from these stores were nothing but pleasant. Both said it was possible to find simple bands for under SGD1500 but they both required time to customize those rings. Since we wanted something simple and timeless so any of the chain stores should have them. Customization sounded like something people with artistic talent or flair would want to do….which I’m most definitely not!

I wavered back and forth about the ring designs and went to several stores from Citigems to Lee Hwa to Soo Kee. I even checked out Venus Tears, a company specializing in rings from Japan. Their rings were very pretty and intricate but it would take too long. Plus the Beau wanted something very simple. But I thought it would match the carvings on my engagement ring very nicely.

 I went to Meysons which was quite crowded and was served by a sales lady. She was nice but the store was very crowded and I wasn’t able to get a very good look at their selection, the girl who was attending to me also did not seem very sure of their products. In fact, I think their catalog rings looked nicer than the rings on display. To be fair, their rings were very reasonably priced. I could have gotten wedding bands for us both for under SGD1000. 

Citigems was nice as well but again their selection of rings was small and I didn’t find anything that I thought would match the ring the Beau got me,  also, the price of their rings were also reasonable. But I could not shake off the feeling that the rings looked more like costume jewelry. I went to Soo Kee which had a  better selection but I thought that the rings felt too heavy. Also, the sales person who was there didn’t seem particularly interested in me, she probably thought I was there to waste her time. If I had decided to get our rings there, the average price would have been about SGD1800. I also checked out Lee Hwa. Also nice rings but I don’t like their eternity rings or even their half eternity rings although their rings were really sparkly. The salesgirl was also quite disinterested in serving me.

All of these jewelers, by the way, were at Bugis Junction.

 I also checked out Love & Company at Tampines mall and at Ion.  I found some really nice unique designs that I was super tempted to get a pair that I saw at Ion.  But I was quite sure that the Beau won’t like them. Their rings were probably the most expensive of the lot and their rings came in the nicest box ever. But the lowest quote I got on the rings there was about SGD2000 so it was definitely out of the budget. And while I agree that weddings rings are meant to be worn forever and so it would make sense to splurge a little, the rings have to be worn everyday. Which means it would be subject to quite a bit of wear and tear.  It has to be quite hardy and I think that if the design is too fancy, it just doesn’t spell ‘everyday’ to me. They had a really nice ring that I thought would look good on the Beau and I found something I would like for me as well, but I felt that my ring was too ‘bling y’all’. We are everyday folk, not superstars. But the box! Sigh. So pretty.

Anyway, I finally decided on a half eternity ring that was accompanied by a matching men’s ring (no diamonds) from the Goldheart at Bugis. Ring twins! Minus the bling! Although I had visited the Goldheart at Tampines and Bedok as well, and really liked their service, I still ended up buying it from the chap at Bugis. The selection at Tampines was definitely better but somehow the guy at Bugis was able to persuade me to get the rings I eventually ended up with even though it was slightly above budget….

Although the one at Tampines had showed me different designs which I liked, I just didn’t feel as if I found the ring. Even Adeline from Bedok had showed me the ring I eventually ended up with but when I was trying on the rings with her, she didn’t manage to convince me that it was The One. But the guy from Bugis was very good at showing me how well the rings would match and it felt like he knew what he was talking about. Anyway, the ring is definitely a lot simpler than my engagement ring.It’s half paved like my engagement ring but the most important part is that that the part that doesn’t have the paved diamonds, it’s matte in the middle like the Beaus ring. So it’s almost an exact matching pair except for the paved diamonds on top. And well, that’s how I finally ended up with the rings. I am very pleased with them. Sometimes I wish I had convinced the Beau to let me buy the rings, for example when the Great Singapore Sale was still on. I might have gotten a better price. But then again, these rings are to last a lifetime and I’m not sure I would have liked being pressured to buy something because it’s on sale.




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