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DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe

Nice artwork on the one page menu.

My birthday was this past week and since Fri was Polling Day (SPOILERS: PAP won by a landslide), I decided I simply had to go check out the DC Comics Superheros cafe at Marina Bay Sands.

Now, given that this is a gimmick, and located, at of all places, Marina Bay Sands, I really wasn’t expecting the food to be ohhh-la-la good. I figured that as long as the food was edible, I would be quite satisfied. I mean, no one goes to Disneyland for the food, you know what I mean?

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When we first arrived, we saw that there was a super long line at the restaurant part so we thought we would give the cafe part a try. After queueing up for a super long time, they told us that the “food” part of the cafe was all sold out.  I guess they are expecting their patrons to be superheros who can tell when they don’t have food ? The pastries looked pretty, but I was hungry, and wanted real food. So I dragged my mother to the actual restaurant part and waited in line.

We got a seat after a 20 min wait and the prices were, not surprisingly, higher than the cafe prices. I mean, a can of root beer was listed for $4.90. Seriously? Superhero drinks also come with superhero wallets. I ordered the chicken burger (I think they named it the superman sandwich). I was about to order the Batman burger but the one that appeared on a neighboring table didn’t look very good so I passed. Mom ordered chicken with fries. The food was, well, decent. Overpriced. But decent. Its nothing to shout about. They definitely won’t make chef of the year. In fact, mom thinks they probably ordered the food frozen from the supermarket and then heated it in the microwave. I kind of have to agree. This is like dorm food. In a restaurant.

What was disappointing, however, was that I had nothing to play with. Al the super hero figurines were displayed on a counter far far away but I didn’t get to play with any of them. I’m not really sure what the point of the superheros concept is. For one thing, no one was dressed in a superheros costume (fair enough since some of those costumes are either never going to be flattering or anyone or too heavy to be useful on a day to day basis…but at least wear a cape people), and there was nothing else on the tables to suggest why I have to pay through the nose to eat here. Sure, the walls are nice, and you have cool stuff in a display cabinet. But … $25 for a burger really should have resulted in something … more.

I think management might need to sit down and think over the concept again.



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