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Mon roundups

Right…so Monday Inspirations is slowly giving way to a round up of stuff that either make me laugh or make me glad that I have the life I have.

So its been a while since I’ve talked about inspiring women. Well, this group of girls (young women) are truly inspiring. Not only have they come up with their own solution to end bullying, but they coded a cool new program to help with homework AND end bullying at the same time. Score!

I hung out with my sister and my adorable nephew and niece this past weekend. But I was suddenly reminded of this video … I wanted to send her a link to the video but I didn’t dare to because I didn’t want to upset her. But honestly, its hilarious. And so darn true.

And am I the only one who was reminded of Edward Lear’s the Owl and the Pussycat when they saw this picture?



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