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Weight Loss Tues Week Five

current weight: 64.2 kg! Seriously. After losing all that hair, you would think I would lose at least a few hundred grams. Instead, I gained 200 grams. *grrrr*

Waistline: 34 inches – at least I didn’t gain any

Vices: 3  grande low fat mocha frap,100 grams  of chocolate chip cookies and 2 shots of vodka. But it has been a very very long week so can you blame me? Plus THIS was too cute to pass up.


# of laps: 70 –did I mention that I had a really tough week? Next week isn’t going to get any better. I’m on course, and then I’m off to Sydney for the weekend…

So things I’ve learnt this week: shaving your hair doesn’t guarantee weight loss.



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