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Right. So definitely late with my Mon post. But I’ve got a good reason. Sort of. I’ve been shopping for wedding dresses. And I got so engrossed in looking for wedding dresses that I forgot that life is more than wedding dresses and wedding cakes. When I heard that the Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafazi just celebrated her 18th birthday by opening a new school for girls, I felt so genuinely contrite that I almost called off the wedding. Almost. Well, I’m not calling off the wedding (I love my ring, I’m never giving that baby up! LOL), but I think I may give up on the idea of a wedding dress. Its simply too stressful. I saw a dress I absolutely loved. But it was simply too heavy to have to bring all the way to the US. Also, the beau didn’t like it. The dresses he likes makes me feel like a bridesmaid. I’m not sure we’ll see eye to eye on the dress issue. But the most important thing is that an 18 year old girl who was shot in the head simply because she wanted to get an education, just spent her 18th birthday opening a school. All that money spent on a dress that I’ll only wear once should totally go towards her cause. So (for now anyway), I’m going to see if I can make the white dress sitting in my closet work for my wedding and donate what I was originally going to spend on a dress towards building a new school in Miss Malala’s name.

And speaking of donation. Two more weeks. NO MORE HAIR. The Hair for Hope event is happening! I really am going to be a bald bride! Please donate if you happen to chance upon this site!



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