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Aqua Marine at Marina Mandarin

a few weeks ago, it was our mid year treat by the company. As usual we opted for a buffet dinner. One of my colleagues was given the arduous task of finding a location that could accommodate 18 of us. As one of our colleagues was going to be fasting for the Ramadan, it had to be held before Ramadan started. There aren’t too many buffet restaurants that are also Halal. He finally settled on Aqua Marine.

The hotel that it is in is a really nice posh hotel. We got there before official opening time of 6.30 and had to sit there with growling stomachs while the staff got ready.

Thankfully they seated us as soon as the clock struck 6.30pm. I headed straight for the dessert.  

I didn’t want to end up being too full and be unable to enjoy dessert at the end. After satisfying my sweet tooth, I thought I would go for something light and tried the sashimi and sushi.  

 There were also some stations serving local food but I was very full after the sashimi binge. I briefly considered going for extra helpings especially since they are also famous for their roast duck which was delicious. Thankfully, everyone else around me had much better self control and I felt I had to follow their good example even though I was wearing a maternity dress so that I could indulge.

I’m only glad I didn’t have to foot the bill at the end of the nights! 



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