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exploring Singapore S.E.A Aquarium + Sentosa

A month ago, when the Beau was here, I decided to take him to Sentosa Island. The main reason is because I haven’t been there since Sentosa was just, well, Sentosa, and not Resort World Sentosa as it is known now. In fact, when we went to the World Trade Center to get ferry tickets, a very bemused ferry ticket operator told me that ferries to Sentosa have ceased operation for more than 7 years! Oops. But now, you can walk to Sentosa Island (wwwwwhhhhatttt??!!). Obviously I made the poor boy walk.
Turns out the walk really wasn’t that bad. Most of it is covered. And there are walk-alators for most of it. Plus you get to see the island looming near although it definitely looked nothing like the island I grew up with. For one thing, there’s now a gigantic Merlion facing out to Singapore. That said, maybe its always been there and I never noticed.
Once we reached the end of the walk-alator, there was a pleasant surprise waiting for us. Apparently its free! Well, its free now till the end of this year. Yay for Singapore’s Jubilee Year! We walked past the gates and ended up officially on Sentosa Island. It appeared that we were at the back of Universal Studios. We walked around a bit until we found what we came for–the S.E.A Aquarium. One of our dates in LA had been the Long Beach Aquarium and I was eager to show the Beau our aquarium as well. We were not disappointed. The Beau really loved the sharks and he loved how there were so many of them zooming past us in the tunnels. And then we saw a lot of really cool jelly fish (my favorite) and a huge octopus who had a tank all to himself. And there was a really pretty aquarium with flowers around a heart shaped garland and obviously we took lots of photos in front of it. I imagine its a very popular display on Valentine’s Day. And then we came to the big aquarium. The one which looks like a giant movie screen but it is a live movie screen with lots of fishes and sharks swimming around. It was a bit surreal. I have to admit, my mind kept wondering what would happen if it suddenly burst. Or if some idiotic person decided to throw a rock at it…There’s also a restaurant next to it. I was told that people can eat and watch the fishes swimming. A bit creepy. And sadistic. But the giant tank was cool.
After that, we got a bit hungry and headed out into the bright sunshine. We had a bit of lunch at Hard Rock (terrible food) and then walked around. We spied the big Merlion and headed in that direction only to discover that Sentosa was more than Universal Studios! What a relief. Unfortunately, we were getting tired and I was getting a bit cranky so we wanted to head back. At first I wanted to take the monorail (its free heading back to the main island) but the Beau insisted we take cable car, which I wasn’t terribly excited about since I figured it would be a really really hot ride. Well, I’m glad I didn’t argue. He proposed while we were suspended in mid-air. He got down on one knee and everything! Because he proposed, we went all the way to Mt. Faber so that I could ring the bell of happiness. We also bought a pair of bells. Wrote our names and the date we were engaged and hung it on a wooden railing next to the restaurant. I was so excited I think I told everyone we met we just got engaged!
So yep! That’s my engagement story. And also the story of the day we spent at Sentosa.



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