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5 Izakaya @ Changi City Point

I met up with an old friend who found out I was recently engaged. He suggested Changi City Point as it is close to where the both of us live. After driving around, we finally found some parking space and proceded to the al fresco areas of the mall where the restaurants are located. We easily settled on 5 Izakaya as the alcohol there isn’t terribly expensive. We were quickly ushered to a table. And then told to move to another table because the first table we were given is a reserved table.
The menu was filled with very basic stuff. Most of the items were starter foods with most items at $5. We picked a fried rice, some unagi thing with omelette instead of rice in a sushi presentation (I think they called it tamago?) and lotus fries (namely because we liked the name and we were curious as to what it was).
I also ordered a glass of house white while my friend ordered a sake.
Overall, the food was ok. For $5, I really can’t complain much. My main gripe with the place is the service. The waitress who served us had no clue what was on the menu. And we had to wait a very long time for the food to come. When the fried rice came, there were no utensils. It took multiple tries to get their attention in order to order a second drink. And when I called for my bill (I opened a tab), it took another 15 mins before it came.
The place is quite popular with the people who work around the area. I imagine its because the price of the alcohol is reasonable and there is live music. But they really really need to work on the service of their wait staff.

5 Changi Business Park Central 1
#01-66/67 Changi City Point
Singapore 486038 Changi

Opening hours: 12pm-12am Daily



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