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Weight loss Tuesday

I’ve come to the slow realization that there is very little accountability in my weight loss attempts. Everytime I’m on a diet, I see something I like or want to eat, and I tell myself, oh who cares! Or if its time to hit up the gym, excuses like, its sweltering out there… I’m sure I’m perspiring all that weight off!

Well, I’m shaving my head for Hair For Hope in a month. Its one thing to be bald. But to be bald AND fat (with a round face to boot) might be a bit hard for my ego to absorb. So I’m on a quest to lose weight. Fast. But in a healthy way. My wedding pictures may feature a bald bride, but I want the bald bride to be healthy looking!

And this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to start swimming. I started swimming a little bit last week. But after two afternoons, I started looking for excuses to stop. And I’m also going to be a bit stricter with my snacking. My snack vices are frappacinos, wine, biscuits (damm those chocolate chip cookies) and ice cream. I think if I have them once in a while, its ok. But the combination of extensive snacking and laziness is really adding to my waistline.

Current weight 65kg (oy vey! I think that’s like 145lbs)

Waist circumference: 94cm

Exercise last week: 20 laps in the pool
Vices: 1 venti mocha frappacino and 1 tall mocha frappacino, 10 pieces of famous amos pecan chocolate chip cookies and 1 bottle of dry white wine

Goal: 60kg



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